1. @MorganNebel

    The End


    Well this was quite a semester! I had so much fun learning about digital story telling. Interestingly enough, this class helped me with my GIS capstone. For that project, I created a story map of the wayside panels in Fredericksburg. I will link that here for anyone that would like …

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    Week 13: Final Project Prep


    Thanks to one of my co-workers, I have a great plan for my final project! I was telling my coworker Stephanie that I had an assignment that involved storytelling, and the 80’s but I had no idea what to do. She jokingly said I should tell a story of the …

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    Make That Money! Tutorial


    Step 1: Come up with an idea! Do you want to paste another person on the currency? Do you want to distort the image already on the money? Do you want to draw, or use software to complete this assignment? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

    Step 2: Find an image to …

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    RL Stine REMIX


    For this remix assignment, I remixed my RL Stine book cover from the beginning of the semester. The task was to change the theme of the photo to fit the 80’s sitcom, Happy Days! Here is my final version!

    I got the images from Google, and used Photoshop to create …

  5. @MorganNebel

    Tina Krueger


    This mashup assignment was to take “Talking Tina’s” head and to put it on something else. I was not and am still not entirely sure what Talking Tina is, but I went ahead and put her on Freddie Krueger to keep with the 80’s theme! I used Photoshop for this …

  6. @MorganNebel

    Animoji Karaoke


    For this mashup, I lip synced Jessie’s Girl using apples new Animoji app! The animoji looks very similar to me with the dark hair, brown eyes, and the hair! I also typically wear a black beanie. I choose this song because it was released in 1981 and is an 80’s …

  7. @MorganNebel

    You’ve got it….dude


    For this video assignment I did a super cut of Michelle Tanners famous line from Full House, “You’ve got it dude!”. It took me a while to decide what 80’s themed phrase I could super cut, and full house popped into my head! There were already a few super cuts …

  8. @MorganNebel

    (My Attempt at) The Recursive Camera


    I tried my best with this assignment, but it was harder than I thought. The original post states to use prezi, but I could not get it to work and did not want to spend money on it. I pay the monthy Adobe Creative Cloud student fee, and have access …

  9. @MorganNebel



    Due to my schedule. I was not able to live tweet the premier of my group’s radio show. I saw that our professor tweeted about my segment.

    Miami Vice is the kind of show I would have watched, but it was always on at the wrong time. #ds106

    — paul …

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    Daily Creates


    I was really intrigued with this assignment to tie together some of our daily creates to tell a story. At first, I thought this would be difficult, as many of the daily creates are seemingly random. The second was to do a two truths and a lie. The first …

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    Project Brainstorm


    Thinking about the upcoming weeks, I have a bunch of ideas for projects. Listening to the radio shows that everyone did, a large majority of the groups choose to review 80s TV shows or movies. I think for the upcoming projects, it would be interesting to focus on fashion trends. …

  12. @MorganNebel

    Another Maze!


    Maze ReDo! I like how this version came out a lot better than my original. I was going for the same appearance, with a background that was a little confusing to the eye. I spent quite a while trying to find a background that wasn’t too crazy, and matched …

  13. @MorganNebel

    Radio Show Logo- The Remix


    Here is my new radio show logo! Paul suggested that I change the saturation of the background image, so I played with it a little more on Photoshop. I like this logo way more than my other one. I don’t think this would have gone well with my teams collage …

  14. @MorganNebel

    Mid Semester Update


    My group finished our radio show! I am proud of the final outcome and it sounds great. The semester is now halfway over! Time is flying by so fast, I have learned so much already in this class I am excited to see what is in store.

    Daily Creates: 1

  15. @MorganNebel

    Radio Show Week 2


    I have completed my assigned work for the radio show this week! Below are my contributions to the final assignment.

    If you listen to the radio show, you will find out that I have never seen Miami Vice before today. However, I watched the first episode and am HOOKED. It …

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    80’s Power Hour


    My group for the radio project finally decided on a theme! We are doing our show on 80’s Tv show analysis and reviews! Each member is going to choose a tv show and talk about it. I think I am going to discuss Miami Vice. I am not super familiar …

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    Radio Design


    Here is my idea for my radio groups logo! I tried to recreate the “Cheers” typography! I found the background collage on Google. I think the text would look better with a plain background. I hope that I can combing my font with another persons background to create the final …

  18. @MorganNebel

    Push it……


    Push It- but you are hiding in the bathroom at a club your friends convinced you to come to for “80’s night” so you are texting your boyfriend to come pick you up because you would rather be at home with a cup of tea cuddling your cat.

    This was …

  19. @MorganNebel

    Your Phone is Ringing!!!


    The purpose of this assignment was to create a cell phone ringtone that I would actually use. Like most people, I have my ringtone set to the apple default…. You know exactly the ringtone I am talking about! Gone are the days when you would find a song on the …

  20. @MorganNebel

    Where I’d Rather Be


    I choose to do this visual assignment Create A Place, because I could really use a vacation right about now. I am sure that everyone can guess what location I was trying to mimic. My ideal vacation would be me laying on a beach somewhere (literally any beach I …

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    Design Week


    At first glance, I thought this weeks theme design was going to be very similar to the week we focused on visual. I quickly learned that these are two very different methods of digital storytelling! They can work together, but the theories behind digital film and graphic design are slightly …

  22. @MorganNebel

    Designer Thoughts


    The readings this week were very insightful. They made you think a lot about the theory to design and the basic principles. Most people know what is visually appealing in graphic design, but there is so much more to it than colors and shapes. The first section of Vignelli’s book …

  23. @MorganNebel

    Design Blitz


    I had a lot of fun with the design blitz assignment this week! It gave me a chance to look at different things out in the real world (vs the online world) and to consider what makes a good or bad design. Initially I wanted to try to find all …

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