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    It’s Friday night…want to go out?


    For my second audio assignment I had a phone conversation with myself. I used Audacity to record my conversation and change the pitch on “one of the people” in the conversation. My biggest challenge was keeping the pitch change consistent throughout the track.

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    Radio Show: Week One


    This week’s planning of the radio show was kicked off on Tuesday, when I sent an e-mail to the group. Ashley responded with a Google doc link to be used for collaborating and brainstorming. On Wednesday morning I went into the Google doc and started putting together the ideas from …

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    Spooky Halloween Track


    For four and a half stars of audio assignments I created a spooky Halloween track. I first tried to “set the stage” by having spooky music play in the background and a thunderstorm starting. I used footsteps to introduce someone to the story. The heavy steps walking with purpose were …

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    Superhero Crime-Fighting And Reporting Logo


    For the design portion of this weeks assignments I created a logo for the “Superhero Crime-Fighting And Reporting” Network. The team I am working on decided on this as a name for our radio show project. I used Canva to put together some images that I took from Google images …

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    Summary: Week Seven


    This week I began working with my group to brainstorm and conceptualize a radio show that will last approximately 30-42 minutes. We collaborated on brainstorming in a Google doc and I wrote a post reflecting on this week’s progress titled Radio Show: Week One

    I also completed a couple daily …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week I completed 10 stars worth of Design Assignments as well as the Super Tattoo assignment.

    The first assignment I tackled was One Story/Four Icons. I used four icons to represent one of my favorite movies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I had a hard time at first deciding …

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    Super Tattoo


    The superhero character I created, Madame Polygraph, has a super power which enables her to tell if people are lying based off a pinch in her foot. So, she had this tattoo of sound waves tattooed on her foot as a way of representing her super power. Although she can …

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    Branding Gossip Girl


    For this assignment I used Canva.com to create a logo that could be used by New York City’s Upper East Side blogger of Manhattan’s elite. She is an anonymous blogger, but could use this logo as an icon on her blog or social media pages. I chose the pink and …

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    Character Wordcloud



    For this assignment I created a wordcloud using wordclouds.com .  I used words to describe my character Madame Polygraph who is a crime fighting, mind reading mom. The website was super easy to use and I liked the way you could customize the shape, font and colors of the …

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    One Story/ Four Icons



    For one of my assignments this week, I opted to complete the suggested assignment: One Story/Four Icons. These are my four icons…can you guess the movie? Scroll for hints…




    Hint #1: Three friends (2 guys and a girl) ditch school for the day




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