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    Weak Week


    Well, here we are again.  Sunday night cramming – crap I’m late.  Some weeks I’m more prepared for the unsuspecting lengths of these things, but this week is not one of them.  My normal cram days were shot down with a very influential weekend in the woods, but that also …

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    baby hacks



    baby steps baby steps

    I need to play around with a more text-heavy site so I can play with all the colors and fonts, etc.!  I’ve used a lot of HTML before but since I was on a time crunch I just dawdled around Hackasaurus because Firebug wasn’t working …

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    Seven Ate Break

    Four plus Six equals Ten

    Four pieces of (un)used media:
    I rarely keep anything that I don’t use. I don’t have enough memory space for keeping junk, and my process of creating is often to scrap as I go. The files I sent in are jpgs, png, and mp3. …

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    My Nightdream


    A 3-star assignment of Audio Dream Stories: This is a variation off of AudioAssignments70: Sound Effects Story, except the main goal of this assignment is to create a story using only sounds (no words) found on the Internet that tells the story of a dream using audio. Restrictions: use …

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    6, 7, 8


    Six for weeks 7 and 8

    7 October 2012 | tdc273
    Take a photo that encompasses nothing, a void, absence.

    Yay, my daily create!  I was so excited that I basically rolled out of bed, snapped the photo on my phone, and uploaded it.  I guess the backstory makes it …

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    Media Recycling


    I rarely keep anything that I don’t use.  I don’t have enough memory space for keeping junk, and my process of creating is often to scrap as I go.  The files I sent in are jpgs, png, and mp3.  One is a simple image that I created not for any …

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    With A Perspective, I’m Melinda


    A 4-star assignment: A Life In Two Minutes: Create a 2 minute audio story inspired by the “My Life is True” series produced by KQED of Northern California. KQED works with people “to explain, in their own words, a significant moment or stubborn problem.” Work with a friend …

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    Vergnügungen von Bertolt Brecht


    A 1-star Poetry Reading assignment: Poetry is meant to be read aloud. Select a poem – it can be a personal favorite or one you find randomly – and read it aloud in a way that itself makes it a story. Then at the ending of that poem extend …

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    Potato Pancakes


    A 2-star multi-taskory assignment: Record a small snippet of audio of you trying to accomplish two or more tasks at the same time that are difficult for you. Imagine the old “pat your head and rub your tummy” only with two tasks that can come across well with audio.…

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    Wrapping Up Week Six With A Bow


    As Design Week comes to a close I will have to say that this has been the most miserable week of my life.  This brought up a lot of negativity from my Digital Approaches to Fine Arts class because of my constant use of Creative Suite 5 then, and even …

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    Each student must write a blog post outlining his/her planned contributions to the radio show. In addition, each student must design a poster as an advertisement for their group’s show.

    I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do.  I haven’t been effectively communicating with my group so there’s …

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    Lets go surfin’ now


    Everybodys learning how
    Come on and safari with me
    (come on and safari with…)

    So this week I took Sheila around with me but not that much…  I feel guilty that I became too busy to include her in my life.  Here are some pictures where I was re-scouring The

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    Up In Out


    From the Minimize Your Philosophy assignment: Pick your favorite quote OR make up your own phrase which describes a philosophy that you try to live by. It can be about love, friendship, family, education, culture, health, charity, etc. Design a minimalist poster depicting the concept. Extra challenge: Try to …

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    TWINKIES – The Debut


    From the Your Big Break assignment: You finally got your big break in the Music Industry and you are releasing your first album, and guess what you get to design it yourself. The assignment is to design a new original album cover where you are the artist, you can use …

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    The Melting Pot Melting Family


    From the “What is Culture?” assignment: Create image that you think this is culture for you. It is acceptable to use two more pictures if you want. (2 stars)

    I found two pictures from 2008 when my Virginia cousins came to visit with my cousin’s then-girlfriend (now, since 2011, …

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    adj.  Lacking enthusiasm and determination; lacking life, spirit, or zest; carelessly lazy; languid.

    From the WORD assignment: Pick one word. Select one single typeface, and communicate your word. Do not use colors or any other graphical elements. The goal is to select a type face that represents the meaning …

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    I created myself a tapestry.

    The assignment where I create a tale with a tapestry: Go to Bildwirkerey von Bayeuxbe where you will find the “Historic Tale Constrvction Cit”, a web-based app inspired by the Tapestry of Bayeux. Follow the directions to create your own tapestry story, then be sure …

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    Weekly Summary-r


    Daily Creatr

    This week it was rough to get in my three.  For some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to post anything I did and if I did finally get to the point of wanting to post it, it was a new day.  I liked the drawing ones, …

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    (From Create a New You assignment: Take an existing photo of yourself, and edit in a way to give the picture a different look. Color your hair, change your eyes, whiten your teeth, get a “tan”, etc. 2-stars)

    I’ve always wanted a different look.  For a while it was …

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    Fake Daily Creates


    I am a phony, I am a fraud.  I drew my second daily create a day late and posted it even later.

    tdc262 | September 26, 2012
    Bald is beautiful! Photograph the egghead in your life.

    I have known this “egghead” (who has likeeee 2mm of hair atop his head) …

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    HI VA


    If you are a frequent visitor you may have noticed the shift in my blog’s aesthetic.  <sadface>I switched themes.</sadface>  A lot of my images weren’t showing up at the designated pixel height I established for them, etc.  So I changed to a theme where I am going to be customizing …

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    20 Seconds of Mystery


    (From Is That A…Ghost? assignment: Take a photo in which there is a ghost like subject by either using a long exposure or 2 different pictures in a photo editing software. 3-stars/10 current: 8)

    This was taken at 33mm f/32, ISO-1600, 20 seconds with Sheila during a trying moment …

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    Bloomsburg Fair


    (The A-Z Photo Collage from the assignment: Make an alphabetically themed collage. Compile images to represent each letter of the alphabet within a chosen subject area or theme. Create a collage.  3-stars/10, current total: 5)

    Some of these are a stretch, but:
    Ear [of corn], Nikon, artist, zinnia, boots, …

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