1. mwjtech

    Blog 7: Personas, Markets, SWOT and Lean Canvas


    Now it’s time to take your brand persona and identify how and where you are going to meet them on their favourite media networks. You also want to create two FURTHER brand personas, that represent your secondary and tertiary audience.

    Your PRIMARY audience is the person who will be your …

  2. mwjtech

    Blog 6: Mission, Star, Mountains & Core Motivator


    In order to define success you must first define the direction and aim of your efforts.

    To define your mission statement, follow these series of steps.

    First, pick a STAR. The STAR should be something that is very hard, almost impossible to reach but is still possible. For example, Coca …

  3. mwjtech

    Blog 3: Microblogging Stories on Twitter


    Over the course of a week, post roughly one piece of content a day (5-7 posts total) that revolve around a theme and together tell a story through text, image and video.

    To learn more about telling a story visually, check out Unit 3 of the DS106 course.

    The images …

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