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    Some Potential Articles for my Project



    Opinion piece based upon the debate on whether or not book are slowly dying.  The writer seems to think that that is just an appalling idea,


    Looking at the statistics as to why people prefer an actual physical book over an e-book. …

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    So I played around with RapGenious and got a kick out of it.  I went through a couple of songs, but my favorite was anaconda by Nicki Minaj.  For a song that pretty much talks about women and their butts, people looked so far into the lyrics.  Meanwhile I thought …

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    Peer Review


    It’s been something that has been around since the beginning of publishing texts and works of writing.  Simply by having a family member or friend read it over before submitting the work is peer review.  But the idea that the world is becoming the “peer[s]” in peer review, it kind …

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    DH Tweeters (Weekly Create)


    Unfortunately, I was not able to make class today.  However, as I got into doing this week’s create, I was searching twitter for digital humanity contributors and came across @PhillyDHTweets which is a digital humanities group in the greater Philadelphia area.  They tweeted a link to a variety of DH …

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    Weekly Create: NGram


    I have never used Ngram before but I played around with it a lot.  I decided to look at popular contemporary literature that has been all the crave lately, like Twilight, and compare it to another popular trend, zombies.   With The Walking Dead premiering in another month or so, and …

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    Weekly Create: DH & You


    Digital humanities is becoming a way of life.  It makes things much more convenient at times, yet it challenges the norms that prior, us as humans were used to.  For instance, when getting our list of books for class, we instantly go online to see if we can order a …

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    Class Continuation


    Last semester I look an undergraduate class “Literary Studies in the Digital Age” with Dr. Travis.  This semester I have officially begun my studies for my Master’s degree and decided to take her graduate level of the course titled “Digital Literary Studies.”  It has the same concept but  will be …

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    Technology in the Classroom: A Personal Approach


            As time has progressed, technologies continue to evolve, taking old ideas and basis to new levels and renovations.  It is with these new ideas and creations that we must learn to reinvent our thoughts and process of imagination to integrate them into our daily lives.  It is most important, however, …

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    Final Progress


    I’ve been working on my final project.  Like I said, I was going to use the platform telescopic text… and boy is this stuff difficult! It makes you think in all different and distorted ways.  It’s difficult, because you can’t really write as you’re going along. I think that what …

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    Story Board


    I want to use that medium, telescopic text, to tell the story of getting my spine fused six years ago.  It’s something I don’t really talk about any nor do many people know because my scar i hidden, but I feel like it may make so an interesting story.  I …

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    My Final Project


    I’ve decided to use the website: http://www.telescopictext.org/ and create a story via this website.  It is a very interesting website in that each word that is clicked on brings about a new type of story of sentence.  All of this is personal and you can change the words and sentences …

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    The Circle Response


    The passage which I will be responding to is when Mae goes to dinner with her parents and her mother explains to her that she saw an old friend and began “bragging” about how well Mae is doing and threw in the amount of money that she makes. 

    This scene …

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    UNICEF Tap Project


    UNICEF Tap Project:

    How long can you go without touching your phone? Giorgio Armani Fragrances will donate one day of clean water to a child in need for every 10 minutes you go without your phone. Take the challenge!

    Only a few days left!!…

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    When I first read this I immediately thought “colt”! But as I thought more about this aphorism, I began to realize how very true this is today.  For instance, think about twitter, and instagram specifically… Both of these social media outlets create a sense of immediacy and telling specific instances.  …

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    I’m trying to develop my ideas for my storyboard.  I want to make my story personal, yet relate able to my audience.  I’m thinking about possibly telling a story through my poetry and then working on an audio story an incorporating some of my photography in it.  Still brainstorming……

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    Internet & it’s Go-To


    It’s crazy to think that the internet is constantly at my finger tips.  Nearly every ounce of technology I own I am in contact with the internet.  My phone, my television, my laptop, my desktop, my IPad, my Kindle… you get the idea.  No matter what, I am always updating …

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