1. @niceguythrive

    An Exploration in Compulsive Creativity


    For my entire life I have always been searching and looking for something to pour my heart and soul out into. I tried starting a blog and it was fun, then I went to watching movies, creating a lot of fucking work, trying to teach medicine and healthcare, looking for …

  2. @niceguythrive

    They’ve Hijacked Nature


    I’ve been listening to a bit to Ton Leykis’s radio show recently and I came across this interesting conversation:

    “Let me just say something to all your little boys out there alright? Look deep in your hearts and see what you truly value. See if you really really want nothing …

  3. @niceguythrive

    Live Like you Have to Earn Each Day


    Imagine waking up in the morning and you were given a task each day. Just 2 steps and it was the same every time:

    Find out what you are meant to do Do it.

    And each day, your progress into the next day depended on the fulfillment of those two …

  4. @niceguythrive

    Welcome to The Game


    I have always felt that this life is a sort of game. While my dad was teaching me organic chemistry and the interactions between molecules to create fires of different colors I had my head on the table sideways and was blowing a piece of paper. Watching it dance with …

  5. @niceguythrive

    Welcome to NiceGuyThrive.


    I initially started this endeavor without a true goal or purpose in mind.  I wanted to go into this blog to get one step closer to financial freedom. Create a following, garnering attention, and then selling it all for ads or product placement. Be financially successful through providing my opinion …

  6. @niceguythrive

    Our Purpose And Its Meaninglessness


    So today I came to a deep profound realization before an assessment of sorts. It’s surprising what a bit of adrenaline will help you to realize.

    So for the past day I have been playing around with the idea that we have a purpose, and although life is cyclical and …

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