1. @niceguythrive

    A Poem on Rhetorical Questions


    “Do I want to live in a haze for the rest of my life?”

    I ask myself this question as I sit on my bed, coming off a month of drinking alone. Life became a haze after I quit.

    I decided to look at the question realistically. Instead of simply …

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    3 Keys to Learn as Quickly as a Child.


    I was raised by my grandparents until the age of 3 I only spoke Tamil. I only really conversed with my parents, uncles, and aunties, so it wasn’t a problem. It only became a problem when I entered kindergarten and no one understood a thing I said. So at that …

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    Lets Just Create Something Amazing


    I sat in a small focus group and I began to come to a deep realization. It is not the worlds job to entertain us. It is our job to entertain ourselves. It is our job to make a life worth living and to create and maintain a situation where …

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    Why You’ll Never Quit Now.


    That was the moment when I looked at the bottom of a bottle and I realised my addiction had taken over my life. I knew I had to change and I never picked up the grog again after that day.

    I call BuLLSHIT

    Or at least a crock of shit, …

  5. @niceguythrive

    I would like to make a formal apology.


    Hello to my dearest readers. It seems I have taken a small detour on my path to achievement and fulfilling my purpose to you and the world. I have failed everyone. I have strayed grievously about the coasts of men. I have seen the things offered on the other side …

  6. @niceguythrive

    There will Always be a Group that Loves You.


    This post is a little reassurance for those going through a troubling time.

    Hello, Readers!

    Before we start this exposition of grandness and antiquity I would like to for you to go through this vlog video by Andy Milonakis

    This dude looks like a 14-16-year-old and is talking and flirting …

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