1. @niceguythrive

    Day 3 Reset and Reflection


    So why am I back at day 3? What the fuck happened bro? Where are the next steps?

    Now this next fact is going to sound fucked up, and without the context which comes afterward you’re going to miss the whole point of the article, so make sure you read …

  2. @niceguythrive

    Oliphant Quest Day 6: The Leap of Faith


    So in watching two of the most life changing videos overnight I have come to a point where I decided to take a massive leap of faith in this entire journey. A sort of reckless abandon and giving in to the truth and reality. And through this all I come …

  3. @niceguythrive

    Oliphant Quest Day 5: The New High


    Today was a day of reckoning. I passed the test and have come over the mountain which was the first half of the year. There is a certain sense of clarity I now possess for what the journey ahead is going to look like and not to have false expectation …

  4. @niceguythrive

    Day 4: For the People That Love Me.


    Enter Arvin.

    So this guy has been my friend since the beginning. Through all of it. Through the highs and the lows. So I have his back no matter what. I just want to say that nigga: you are a part of the energy that I put into the life …

  5. @niceguythrive

    Oliphant Quest Day 3: Schedule


    The battery life on this Macbook is supposed to suck, the website said 10 hours but it’s only going for 6. A return would mean less money and a huge hole in my heart. The words of my sister echo in this instance: “A poor workman blames his tools”. Bitch …

  6. @niceguythrive

    The Oliphant Quest Day 1


    Hello Readers!

    In an effort to be a better person and to make something that I can look back on instead of drinking I’ve decided to restart this blog and post a daily recount of my activity and progress towards goals for the future. It’s going to be messy some …

  7. @niceguythrive

    The Multipotentialite Anguish


    If you haven’t noticed over the past few years (and my entire life, now that I think back) I have had a common problem which has encompassed my life: I keep switching. I’ve tried almost everything and I quit somewhere around the time when things get boring. I tried to …

  8. @niceguythrive

    My Own Little Fuck-it Theorem


    Who else remembers the blogs of the past? Where an angry teenager would access the internet and post about her day in anger when some guy in her class talked about her crush to the whole school. Or about the time when a guy called a girl a lesbian and …

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