1. @niceguythrive

    Surrender into Who you are with Dr. Strange



    This is a life changing movie filled with many important realizations that I started taking out my phone in the middle of the theater and writing down each realization and insight as it happened. This one is a realization which can help out all the soul seekers from anywhere. …

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    Cougar Town Lessons: Don’t Drink


    There comes a moment in every man’s life when he must decide that his old ways are over and he must shed his skin to move into the newest stages of his life. This happened to me as I watched Cougar Town and realized I have recently been experiencing what …

  3. @niceguythrive

    Quitting Porn Permanently: The Incident


    After watching American Pie Beta house for the 3-4th time in my life I have realized how much this movie has affected my life for the past few years. The themes of rich v poor and the constant losses I have taken over the past little while have left me …

  4. @niceguythrive

    The Exploitation of This Idea.


    In 2006 I sat down after watching a video of KevJumba and wrote down a list of Youtube ideas for my Youtube channel. Among them was recording a video every day for a week, month, then (possibly) a year. It seemed far fetched so I decided to abandon the idea …

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    Overrated Happiness


    It was as if the devil himself walked in and wanted to unload. The barred windows and bleak concrete walls were as if the room was decorated by a depressed florist. There was a small lily in the corner in an effort to brighten the entire room up.

    The doctor …

  6. @niceguythrive

    Transport (Day 2- 13/1/2017)


    They left the taxi, package in hand, ready to deliver. Levi was a 5’9” large man dressed in a suit and second hand gucci shoes. Emma was a shorter, equally as large and had a look on her face as if she was dropped on her head when she was …

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    Story Per Day 2017


    NGT is in a year of metamorphosis. It is a year of skill development. A year of doing what I love instead of doing what I have to do to succeed. It is a year of achievement.

    January being the first month means this is a month of reflection. And …

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