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    Why You’ll Never Quit Now.


    That was the moment when I looked at the bottom of a bottle and I realised my addiction had taken over my life. I knew I had to change and I never picked up the grog again after that day.

    I call BuLLSHIT

    Or at least a crock of shit, …

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    I would like to make a formal apology.


    Hello to my dearest readers. It seems I have taken a small detour on my path to achievement and fulfilling my purpose to you and the world. I have failed everyone. I have strayed grievously about the coasts of men. I have seen the things offered on the other side …

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    There will Always be a Group that Loves You.


    This post is a little reassurance for those going through a troubling time.

    Hello, Readers!

    Before we start this exposition of grandness and antiquity I would like to for you to go through this vlog video by Andy Milonakis

    This dude looks like a 14-16-year-old and is talking and flirting …

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    You Have to Buy in To The Better Life


    There is a certain pull that booze, drugs, porn, and fast food have on you based on a dopamine rush. They provide a high which is supposed to be the basis of life. The high that is the reason most of us stay alive. You know… the high of the …

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    Old reminders are the keys to our future at all times. It is the way to know our future in the present moment. To know that we are the kings and that, in this moment: right here… The world is ours.

    I thought I made a mistake but honestly I …

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    Bigger, Stronger, Faster: The Message



    Bigger Stronger Faster is one of the better documentaries I have watched in the past 10-15 years. Most would claim the main lesson through it all is about the “danger of steroids and the pursuit of perfection”. I, however, took something completely different away from the entire film. It …

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    Dark Knight Rises: The Importance of Evil


    Not very often do we come across a movie franchise which changes the entire genre. For superhero movies, The Dark Knight was the one movie. It introduced the possibilities for a villain storyline otherwise left to the imagination. Before the Dark Knight, the best superhero movie I watched was Spiderman …

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    Surrender into Who you are with Dr. Strange



    This is a life changing movie filled with many important realizations that I started taking out my phone in the middle of the theater and writing down each realization and insight as it happened. This one is a realization which can help out all the soul seekers from anywhere. …

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