1. noStoryNorm

    Wedding Day Animated Gif


    I was looking through some pictures I took at my daughters wedding and a pair caught my eye. I haven’t done an animated gif for a while, so here it is.

    Notice the head movements: he says “yes”, she says “no”.

    That’s my girl.


  2. noStoryNorm

    I’m a Flickr Fan


    I like using Flickr for sharing photos. There are several similar services that I’ve tried, but Flickr remains my favorite so far. It integrates well with my Android devices and it allows for easy sharing. I especially like that I can send out links to my pictures that anyone can …

  3. noStoryNorm

    More Flickr Fun


    A follow up to an earlier post: Flickr Fun.

    This may be old news to some, but I just learned about Flickr RSS feeds for Flickr groups and tags. If you’re not familiar with RSS maybe you should check it out.  If you like to follow a lot of …

  4. noStoryNorm

    The Day After Album Cover #ds106


    While the ds106 video weeks have gone speeding by like some kind of super-luminal neutrinos, I’m still trying to wrap up my account of the audio radio project. Here’s the summary of my project.

    The DigiOuijas (Bunk 5 group) decided on a theme of the morning after the apocalypse. Each …

  5. noStoryNorm

    #DS106 Design Safari


    Ack, here we are near the end of Design week in DS106 and I’ve still got unfinished work from last week to do. But I really liked this Week 4 Design Safari idea, so I jumped ahead of the other work especially since it gave me a good reason to …

  6. noStoryNorm

    Venus Transit Swede Animated GIF #DS106


    On June 6, 2012 millions watched the transit of Venus across the sun. While millions watched, many others missed this rare celestial phenomenon. Some people missed it because they were looking the wrong way or they live on the wrong side of the planet. Others missed out simply because the …

  7. noStoryNorm

    How to hangout at camp without hanging out. #DS106


    Today’s Camp Macguffin campfire hangout was very entertaining and informative. I joined the camp fire hangout this morning from work. The problem is that my workplace is not really conducive to sending audio and video, so while I could see and hear everything going on I could only participate via …

  8. noStoryNorm

    Test Post #ds106


    I didn’t see my last post in the Magic Macguffin stream. So I thought my tagging was messed up. (Anyone know if the tagging is case-sensitive?)

    This is a test post to see if I can get it right.

    As long as I’m testing, I’m also trying my Flickr plugin. …

  9. noStoryNorm

    #DS106 – Occupational Therapy?


    I’ve been on and off the fence about writing this post for about a week now. I decided if I don’t write it this weekend, I might as well give up on it. So here goes.


    In early April I was in a nasty car accident which left me …

  10. noStoryNorm

    Macguffin-Waldo remix #ds106


    I haven’t done a DS106 assignment for a while, but I found some time to try out the Remix Generator. It gave me a pretty easy assignment  (Thank you) – Add Waldo to an existing Macguffin.

    I picked the Star Wars MacGuffin from the assignment page, which I found here

  11. noStoryNorm

    Funny, Sad, True Story. #potcert11 #ds106



    This really has nothing to do with DS106 or Pedagogy First, but if you care to read on, you’ll see the connection.

    The family cat, Zander, had adopted the ottoman in my home office as his personal bed. He snoozed there constantly, and when I was working at my …

  12. noStoryNorm

    Flickr Fun

    Working with Flickr

    I’m trying to do two online courses right now, The Program for Online Teaching and DS106. We are talking about images in both classes now, so I thought I’d blog about Flickr this week and share it with both courses.

    This is a tutorial style post. (That …

  13. noStoryNorm

    An animated gif(t) for #ds106


    When I first heard the distant sirens of ds106, it was just an amusing buzz, and easily ignored. But each time they came back, they grew louder and more alluring. Soon I began to search for them, to make them stop the distracting noises, or so I thought.  After I …

  14. noStoryNorm

    Too much technology?


    Some recent bloggers and commenters have expressed concern about becoming overly reliant on the technologies we’re talking about here. It makes me wonder though, is it really any different than other things, like electricity, fresh water, supermarkets, cars, phones, and TV.

    It’s funny really, while we become more dependent on …

  15. noStoryNorm

    DS106 Week 2 – Cyberinfrastructure

    Getting on with #DS106


    If today’s students are anything at all like I was, then there’s probably some eagerness to get past these first two weeks of boring, complicated preparations and introductions   Let’s get on to the real meat and potatoes of the course. “Let’s make some art dammit!”…

  16. noStoryNorm

    DS106 Week 1 – Twitter Search and RSS tutorial

    Twitter & RSS

    I’m not writing about setting up my web hosting and blog because I did that a long time ago and don’t remember how. However I like the suggestion to write tutorials for this class and I’ve been playing around with Twitter searches in RSS feeds so I …

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