1. Michael Branson Smith

    Modern VHS


    Here at camp I’ve finally worked through my Bootstrap tutorials and created a spec site for a much larger project that I’m hoping to work on this summer. As part of my learning to code binge , I’m planning to learn the basics of Python and OpenCV to try and make …

  2. Michael Branson Smith

    Letter from Camp


    Code summer camp has been off to a nice start. There have been about six students who have taken advantage of the offer to come into York College and use the lab and each other to get some work done. In particular, shout out to Neyser who’s come three out …

  3. Michael Branson Smith

    Code Summer Camp


    This summer I’m going to be hosting a code summer camp for my students at York College. I’ve been honest with them in that it’s as much for me as it is for them. It’s been an unusual year in which I’ve started teaching web design and development for the first …

  4. Michael Branson Smith

    Not sure what to do with that…


    So professor is posting comments on my blog, making suggestions, and what not. I feel like he’s looking at me strangely. Do I have to publish those comments? Reply on my blog and publish? The short answer is no. It’s your space and you can moderate comments however you choose. …

  5. Michael Branson Smith



    #ds106 reply to me w/ tag #tdc1775 Create a Retro 80s Message! https://t.co/2lS2FCoJVo pic.twitter.com/r6ZpyMm1Fy — ds106 Daily Create (@ds106dc) November 17, 2016 I saw this morning’s DS106 Daily Create and thought of the Vaporwave Aesthetic and thought I’d share my interest in it. It’s an amalgam of retro culture remix …

  6. Michael Branson Smith

    Time for necessary distraction


    We’re a couple days out from the election and I’m still trying to process what a Trump presidency will mean. But my eight year old daughter who went to bed believing absolutely (oh the bliss of such youngness) Hillary Clinton would win. But so it went and the next morning …

  7. Michael Branson Smith

    Little Housekeeping


    So I’ve made a change to the weekly check-in form today. From now on you will not need to pick a week while checking in, I’ve heard it’s often caused confusion as you’re unable to look back at which one’s you’ve submitted. Instead we’re just re-emphasizing the goal of checking …

  8. Michael Branson Smith

    #ReclaimQueens Take Down the Wall


    In last night’s third and final 2016 Presidential Debate, in the context of a discussion of policy about Syria Sec. Hillary Clinton inadvertently dissed Queens. She was discussing the issue of terrorism and how the most recent act against our country was not a foreign national, but “was born in …

  9. Michael Branson Smith

    I’ve got my site up, I’m so excited!


    There’s going to be more description in this post about how you should report your progress back on the ct101.us site, but for now here are the two tutorial videos: Installing WordPress from the Reclaim Hosting c-Panel Basic Customizations in a WordPress Site Tweet Share on Tumblr…

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