1. Michael Branson Smith

    Your Nose Is Broke


    I’ve spent time working with the awesome illustrations in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual by creating a couple of coloring books for my kids here and here. I felt like I could use the monsters for more than just coloring.

    This little video was quite a labor and …

  2. Michael Branson Smith

    We’ll Keep Building At York College


    When I started at York College eleven years ago supporting the edtech department (aside –  holy crap this is the longest job I’ve ever held), I was given the opportunity to look at a proposal for a communications technology major that had been dormant since 1991. At first I was, …

  3. Michael Branson Smith

    Slinky in Stereo


    I created this example Wiggle Stereoscope for class today. Below is a tutorial about how to make a Wiggle Stereoscopic image (ok this isn’t really a stereoscope image just a two frame animated GIF, but the technique is the same) and how to post your first Visual Assignment to DS106.…

  4. Michael Branson Smith

    Recording System Sound with SoundFlower and Quicktime


    Here’s a quick tutorial for hijacking the system sound of your Mac, and recording the audio to Quicktime. Soundflower is an application that works with the computer’s audio, acting as a submixer in a sense you can redirect audio to other applications.

    1. After launching Soundflower, select the Built-In output …

  5. Michael Branson Smith

    Salivating Over Animated GIFs


    This is probably my favorite way to make animated GIFs. Find that little loop in a moment of video and try to make it seemlessly play infinitely. This bit of animated juiciness comes from the 1941 Woody Woodpecker cartoon Pantry Panic. In this six minute short, there’s a cold …

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