1. nwine

    4 Stars- Re-re-re -REMIX.


    Oh yes, I have just attempted my first remix.  The assignment was “Opposites Attract” where the goal was to bring together two songs from two very different genres to create a completely new song.

    I had recently just found out about Wugazi, which was a mashup that was …

  2. nwine

    3 Stars: Recycling’s Good for the Planet


    So, to start off this week, I made a

    I have to say, I was disappointed by the lack of audio choices.  I really thought there’d be a wider selection of media, so I was kind of shoehorned into make a kind of sound story along with my pictures.  I

  3. nwine

    So what is a remix?


    So, to start off, I reviewed the “Everything is a Remix” series to get a basic idea of remixes.  I feel like some music used samples before hip-hop, but I can’t back up that claim.  Of course, hip-hop remixes are really what started everything.  The series showed me …

  4. nwine

    The On-Going Saga of Canada Man



    Alright, for my final project, I am going to revolve my story around the story of my made up character of “Canada Man.”  I first introduced Canada Man back in my blooper from a 5-second story.  Cogdog liked him so much that he suggested that I bring him to …

  5. nwine

    Damn, this Weekly Summary is a Dime: Week 10 Summary


    Ok, that was a terrible title.  On with the summarizing!

    On Video Editing

    I have at my disposal Windows Movie Maker, which I absolutely despise with every inch of my very being, yet I make do assignment after assignment.  I also use MPEG streamclip frequently to gif random videos and …

  6. nwine

    Exploring American Psycho


    In order to fully explore American Psycho (which I started exploring in the previous post), I think it’d be helpful to expound a little bit on how the film was made.  All of these facts were pulled from IMDB’s trivia page.

    Mary Harron actually pulled out of directing the…
  7. nwine

    It’s Hip to Be Psycho: An Analysis of American Psycho


    For our analysis of famous film clips, I chose American Psycho’s famous “Huey Lewis and the News” scene in which Patrick Bateman goes apeshit.

    This classic (I use that word loosely)directed by Mary Harron was released in 2000.  It tells the story of a rich investment banker who is a …

  8. nwine

    The Power of Diamond: 4 Stars Web Assignment


    I decided to be the first to try the “Three Moon Wolf Stories” assignment from the ds106 assignment database. I remember when the three moon wolf shirt became a little meme on the internet and decided to find other products in the same vein.  I had read an askreddit post …

  9. nwine

    Daily Creates Week 9-Storified!


    Oh boy, more daily creates, this time with a little narrative!

    Our story begins with the rocks our main character found on the side of the road.

    He had some people he didn’t particularly care for, so he made them some cupcakes! Special cupcakes with a secret ingredient on the …

  10. nwine

    3 Stars- Who hates moving it?


    This is 3 stars? I guess I shouldn’t complain.  I got a kick out of this assignment.  Mind you, I couldn’t listen to the track I made for more than a minute before my tolerance for the high pitch was gone, but it sounded hilarious none-the-less.

    Anyways, this was the …

  11. nwine

    Did I Create 6 Weekly Summaries or Only 5?


    The answer is 6.  Here is the summary for design week!

    Daily Creates

    Egg Rolls

    Personal Typeface

    The void

    Imagining of my house


    Here was my post summarizing all of the daily creates that I have also posted above in slideshow form.  This post will be heavy on slideshows, …

  12. nwine

    Onwards Blitzen!


    Before I go into this blitz set, I should mention that it was not a good idea to shoot this at night.  My camera’s flash is not powerful enough to lighten many of the photos.  Still, I was in a Halloween mood for these pictures (I’m a month early, sue …

  13. nwine

    1 Star- Illustrate 106


    For the final star, here is my DS106 Illustration!

    This one was particularly easy.  I wanted to do something with spelling out 106, so I looked around my room and found the coins.  Easy, time efficient, and… well easy!


    10/10 Stars achieved! Bonus round unlocked!…

  14. nwine

    An Album Fit for a King


    Oh boy, getting a jump start on this weeks assignments!  Ok, so I decided to try my hand at the “An Album Cover” assignment from the visual assignment archive.  It was only worth two stars and wasn’t too hard.

    I started off by randomizing a wikipedia article.  Unfortunately I kept …

  15. nwine

    All Hands on the Floor: It’s Time for Week 4


    Wow, what a week.  Audio is definitely not my favorite thing.  Can’t wait to do photography next week, though, and hopefully video work will be soon.

    Ira Glass and Jad Arumbad on Storytelling

    Here was my port on the two youtube videos we had to watch for this week. Not …

  16. nwine

    Daily Creating in a Brave New World


    Here were my dailycreates for week 4:

    Daily Create 254

    The theme for this create was “3.”  So I asked myself, “What are the 3 items I never leave home without?” (note, I did not actually ask this question, I just looked to the left of my computer and there …

  17. nwine

    My Spooky Story!


    This was a really fun assignment!  I’m not going to tell you what I had in mind with this story; I’d much rather you all try to come up with what you think is going on in the comments.

    I started out by downloading these five clips from freesound.org.  Then, …

  18. nwine

    Ira Glass and Jed Abumrad on Storytelling


    Ira Glass is a huge name in the field of radio.  I grew up listening to This American Life on car rides to Grandma’s house on Sundays.  I have a certain admiration for him and a jealousy of his voice.

    In the first part of his video, he describes how …

  19. nwine

    Third Weekly Summary from the Sun


    Also known as: my journey through procrastination!

    Daily Creates:

    Here is my daily create summary for week 3.  I didn’t really like my first few daily creates, as I feel like I didn’t really get to express my creativity.  I did really like doing the instruction post on quarter passing.  …

  20. nwine

    An homage to past DS106 Works


    For one of the assignments this week, we were instructed to look at past work in DS106 classes and appreciate them.  I chose Ciara’s work “Joining the Conversation” in which she dubs over the godfather’s famous “Make him an offer he can’t refuse” scene.

    This is an amazing idea for …

  21. nwine

    On the Familiar Archetypes of Storytelling


    Kurt Vonnegut has an astonishing sense of humor.  I really love the way he writes and talks. For this weeks assignments, we had to watch a short video in which Vonnegut speaks to a class about familiar story archetypes and how we can represent them:

    It is truly incredible how …

  22. nwine

    The End of the Beginning: Weekly Summary for Week 2


    Daily Creates

    TDC239: Wide open spaces.  This is a picture I took back in the big snow storm of 2010 (I think).  It was my freshman year and the scenery was just so perfect that I had to take some photos.  This one takes place near Seacobeck, where there was …

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