1. Oh My Gott

    Rounding Up Rounders


    The clip I chose is from Rounders.

    Camera Work

    When watching the scene without audio, the crafty camera work was much more noticeable. The scene begins with the camera setting a 180 degree view of the table. To get a full grasp of what is going on at the …

  2. Oh My Gott

    Whagon Wheel Route


    One of the web assignments I decided to do was the Google Maps Story for three stars.The basic premise of the assignment was to, “Use Google Maps to tell a story of historical or literary figure”. I did not follow the prompt exactly, and rather than tell the story of …

  3. Oh My Gott

    Blast From The Past/Into The Future Review


    Listen Here

    The “Team Awesome” radio show incorporated an interesting theme into their broadcast. While a common theme of a show may be a “blast from the past” or a futuristic themed show, Team Awesome took an interesting approach by mixing both themes. I really enjoyed the back and forth …

  4. Oh My Gott

    Charles’ DMV Adventure


    While Charles has just recently discovered the Internet, he is quickly becoming hooked on DS106. To show his dedication to the course, he has decided to have his license plate changed to say, “DS 106″. In order to do this, Charles needed to make a trip to the dreaded DMV. 

  5. Oh My Gott

    The Grand Finale of Audio


    The past few weeks working with audio has brought an overwhelming whirlwind of knowledge. From completing my first foley challenge, to having a four minute conversation with myself, there was lots to learn. Let’s recap the highlights:

    I created a bumper and commercial for my Twilight Zone themed radio show:…

  6. Oh My Gott



    Another assignment I completed for this week’s audio assignments was multipersonality. The task was to, “pretend that you are three to four persons having a regular conversation.” Being that my group chose a Twilight Zone theme for our radio broadcast, I chose to re-enact a scene from a Twilight Zone …

  7. Oh My Gott

    Chaplin Foley


    This assignment was probably the most interesting and difficult assignment to date in ds106. As per usual, I used Audacity to create the audio for this assignment. Here is the segment of the clip that I used:

    To start, I watched the clip about five or so times through to …

  8. Oh My Gott

    Things Are Moving FAST


    There was a lot of work to do this week, but it went by pretty quickly as I enjoyed working on virtually all of the assignments. Let’s recap.

    Design Safari

    I spent much of this week analyzing objects around me for design principles. The majority of my pictures ended up …

  9. Oh My Gott

    All Out Blitz


    The Design Safari assignment made me more cognizant of the various types of designs I encounter everyday. I was on the lookout the past few days for good examples, and here is what I came up with:


    With this photo, I wanted to capture the, “similarity, proximity, and alignment” …

  10. Oh My Gott

    Light Switch Art


    This assignment was heaps of fun, as there was so many options to how to approach the task. I initially was going to draw a standard smiling face, however seeing the switch was black gave me the idea to take the next step and draw Batman’s face. I ended up …

  11. Oh My Gott

    DS106 Propaganda


    This assignment was to create a propaganda poster for DS106 using a WWII poster. The process of completing this assignment was rather simple. I scanned through Google images to find the perfect poster to convey my message, and I came up with this one:

    After that, I used Pixlr to …

  12. Oh My Gott

    One Story, Four Icons


    Can you guess this movie? The assignment was to depict a movie in four basic icons. I had a lot of fun working on this assignment, and worked hard to create identifiable objects with my minimal drawing skills. While I could have done this assignment using Pixlr, or another photo …

  13. Oh My Gott

    Me and Bear


    The Buddy photo assignment was to, “Find a little figurine or a stuffed animal that you can carry around with you. Use that “buddy” and take photos to document where you have gone together. Luckily, I had bear.

    Bear and I have a long history of companionship. Yesterday, we shared …

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