1. Oh My Gott

    Flickr Flow


    Here is my Flickr best of set! The process of embedding the set was very simple with the Flickr Set Slideshow plugin. Once the plugin was installed, I just needed to link my flickr account with my wordpress account, by simply providing my Flickr username, and Flickr API key. To …

  2. Oh My Gott



    I chose my girlfriend’s apartment as the place to conduct the photoblitzing activity. For dinner that night was lobster, and they became the stars of the assignment. The kitchen was filled with various foods, and the walls covered in crafts, which gave me lots of subjects to choose from. I …

  3. Oh My Gott

    Ahhh, Game Over


    For this sound effect story assignment, we were instructed to create a short story using strictly sound effects. For this project, I thought I would delve into my past, and tell a story that an 8 year old Dylan knew all too well. This audio story documents the journey …

  4. Oh My Gott

    My DS106 Fix


    To fulfill my one hour of listening to D106 radio this week I tuned in to the weekly DS106 show, in its grand premiere as a radio show, rather than the usual Google Hangout format. The show was co-hosted by two fellow DS106ers, and it was interesting to hear their …

  5. Oh My Gott

    Bump It Up


    The mission of today’s work was to make a DS106 radio bumper. I spent the first hour or so fumbling through my itunes looking for a the perfect 10 or so seconds from a song to use as part of the bumper. After skimming through several songs I chose …

  6. Oh My Gott

    The Legend of Bobby Dunbar


    Listen Here

    The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar, produced by This American Life is a riveting tale of a woman’s determination to uncover the truth of her family lineage, and settle the nearly 100 year old question of who Bobby Dunbar really is. I am willing to admit I was initially …

  7. Oh My Gott

    Audo Storytelling – What’s up with it?


    Audio storytelling, when done correctly, can be entirely more captivating than any other form of digital storytelling. As Jad Abumrad states, “radio is empowered by the absence of picture.” An audio story creates a sense of co-authorship for the listener of the story, and leaves their imagination to visualize the …

  8. Oh My Gott

    Fresh Out Of Bootcamp


    What Is Storytelling?

    To start off this week of blogging, I had the opportunity to analyze the meaning of storytelling. Storytelling takes place in every facet of life, however it was never something I thought to define.

    Shape of Stories

    Kurt Vonnegut’s description of the shapes of stories, while it …

  9. Oh My Gott

    Jones the DS106 Dog



    They said he couldn’t do it, that there was no way that Jones the dog would be able to complete a semester of DS106. But Jones was determined to prove all of the critics wrong. He was fed up with his life full of sleep, food, and the occasional …

  10. Oh My Gott

    What is Storytelling?


    The word storytelling brings about a flurry of thoughts for me. I think storytelling categorizes into three major different categories: written, spoken, and digital, with digital being most broad and encompassing the most. In my mind written involves books, short stories, etc.; spoken is essentially storytelling by word of mouth; …

  11. Oh My Gott



    For starters, I have officially created an email account for my blog. The address is [email protected] and it is set up to forward directly to my school account.

    GIF Assignment

    This week was very hectic and I was a bit pressed for time, so I took a few shortcuts along …

  12. Oh My Gott

    Hotsauce & The Pats Lose


    Upon reflection of my first week of “bootcamp”, this ds106 course is going to drastically change my level of interaction with the internet. I am normally not much of a social media user, however clearly that is quickly going to change. My first daily create was a bit sloppy, however …

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