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    Cross Stitch to Calm


    Recently, I learned to cross-stitch. It’s so decadent to take up a craft that takes forever to complete.  Each line appear slowly, like an image being downloaded on a computer in the 1990s. And yet, I love it. It t gives me the chance to do something else than sit …

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    Canzine West mini books


    These mini-books will be for sale at Canzine West (SFU Woodwards, 149 West Hastings) on Saturday November 5 2016 from 1-7 p.m.  They can be used to make your own zine or fill with haiku!

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    Soap making class with Jolene


    At the New Westminster River Market, I took a soapmaking class  at Jolene Handmade Soap Shop. It’s a drop-in course that takes place in a tiny corner of her store. The store owner, Jolene is providing you with everything you need: soap, moulds, scents and colours.    

    First, you chose some …

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    Start book demo at Word Vancouver


    I gave a demonstration on how to make a star book at Word, a literary festival that took place at the Vancouver Public Library today.

    I started by sharing examples of star books. Then I sowed a book and assembled the pages into a star book.

    The theme of my …

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    Starbook with cherry blossom haiku


    I created this starbook featuring winners from the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational winners.

    Each card was designed by VCBF with the purpose of promoting the winners. I downloaded the cards from the @OfficialVCBF twitter page.

    This starbook will be donated to Haiku Canada to be auctioned during the …

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    Japanese stab binding


    I decided to practice Japanese stab binding today. Because you have to pass the thread several times in the same hole, it’s very important to make the holes big and even. Instead of stabbing slowly with an awl, most bookbinders will use nails and hammer. Not my favorite part! (My …

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    Crochet macarons


    I was craving macarons so I decided to crochet some!  The pattern comes from the book “Hello Kitty Crochet Super Cute Amigurumi Patterns for Sanrio Friends”

    Sadly, they are not edible.…

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    Japanese paper


    Went to Murata on East Broadway to purchase some Japanese paper.  These will be for the covers of the star books I’m working on. Stay tune to see the results.


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    Word Vancouver


    I presented a bookmaking workshop at Word Vancouver between 3-4pm at the table of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild.

    Participants decorated their book using the logo of the festival.  The book that says “Family Fun” really sums up the experience at this wonderfully literary festival.

    If you missed …

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    You can create a map for your next crafts project in just a few simple steps.

    How to create a map Apply thin strips of masking tape on watercolour paper. Use watercolour to colour the space between the tape. When the paint is dry, remove the strips. Add the name…
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    Japanese geisha cards


    I made some Japanese cards today.

    For the geisha, I tried a vertical composition.

    The Japanese woman with a fan is one of the new rubber stamps I purchased recently at a crafters garage sale.

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    Tri-Fold Shutter Card


    I made this tri-fold shutter card by following the video tutorial of TheMadStamper on Youtube.

    This is what the card looks like from the top.  It’s all about folding. There’s not much gluing in the card itself (except to apply the decorative paper), so I really like that.

    When you …

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    Pom-Pom Pet Dog


    During my visit to Victoria, B.C., I purchased a pom-pom pet kit at Munro’s Books. Since I started to crochet last year, I thought it would be fun to learn how to make a decorative pom-pom while making some cute creatures.

    Making a pom-pom is actually pretty easy. The kit …

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    All love letters are ridiculous


    Today’s assignment from DS106 is “What the font: take typographical elements (perhaps even the words of a story) and bring them to life.”

    After reading a participant’s blog that she used imagechef for this assignment, I decided to give it a try. There were different shapes to chose from (butterfly, …

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    Odds and ends (ink drawing)


    I recently came back from the Digital Summer Institute (DHSI 2015) – where I took 2 courses in electronic literature – all pumped up and ready to dive into digital storytelling.

    I decided to register to the online course DS106 and soon proceeded to do the first daily task for …

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