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    Weekly Summary #2


    Week two comes to a close and we’ve dove head first into the superhero theme.

    The first assignment I spent a lot of time thinking about what defines a superhero, turns out I can’t really define it. The term itself is just so darn broad. My fiancé was really jealous …

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    Acrostic Poem



    This is my acrostic poem about my superhero Charlie Sass and her brother Nathan. They are the most awesome sibling fighting combo ever.…

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    Dear Future Husband


    Dear future husband,

    Our wedding is 226 days away today. It’s been 695 days since we decided to give this a try and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that today. You were the most unexpected thing to ever happen to me, you came into my life …

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    Up-Goer Five Your Writing


    Every summer I fly home to work and make some money so I can continue with school. I work in a store that has things for things you do outside. Like take care of roses or build things. It is a small store, with about ten people working there. I …

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    Dream Bat


    I am Dream Bat. I was living on the streets when I found a mysterious and powerful artefact – now, it has transformed me beyond recognition, and every day I must try to use my new abilities wisely, as well as resisting the temptation for revenge…

    My abilities are dream …

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    The Shape of Stories


    So going off the episode of the Tick that I just watched, and the Shape of Stories the episode kind of starts out somewhere in the middle of the graph because The Tick is trying to prove himself and show off his powers but it’s not going very well. He’s …

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    Character Dossier


    Her name was Charlie Sass, but when she was little she went by Char or Bonnie Lass if you asked the nice Irish fellow who lived next door. Charlie was born on an ordinary grey and rainy day, November 15th, 1991. The people who knew her would agree that day …

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    Weekly Summary


    So week two of ds106 has certainly been interesting. This whole superhero theme is kinda growing on me. So to summarize this week, we helped plot the course. I’m in the design group and my idea was to create the nerdiest superhero outfit ever. I was playing with the idea …

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    What’s in my bag?


    Paper handkerchiefs. Wallet. Keys. Aspirin. Pen. Nasal Spray. Ear plugs. Lighter. Pepto. Water. Cigarettes.

    Here’s what I keep in my purse at all time. Exciting stuff.…

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    Bucket List


    Okay, so I have a crap ton (a bucket load?) of things on my bucket list. Especially when it comes to traveling.

    Right now my top destinations are:
    1. Ireland (which I get to experience for my honeymoon next year, so yay!)
    2. Italy (I’ve lived in Europe basically my …

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    Digital Storytelling, introduction!


    Hi everyone!
    My name is Olivia Breler, and I’m a senior at UMW. I’ve never really been into superheroes unless you count “Heroes” the tv show, cause I absolutely loved that or like Guardians of the Galaxy. My guilty pleasure in the fantasy genre would hands down be Harry Potter. …

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    Reflection on module 3


    So the last module came to a close.

    This one was the most fun, by far. I would have loved to find a program that worked well enough to track a twitter hashtag, or find a way to map how far a youtube video had spread. That would’ve really added …

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    Working on methodology module


    So for our last module I chose journalism. In this I have to pick a topic or a question to investigate, then present my findings on a hand coded web page.

    I chose to look deeper into a topic that is very hot and heavy right now; United Airlines and …

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    Creative project: the riddle


    This past week I’ve been working on a creative project for my ELIT class but I thought I’d post it here anyway. I decided to make another playfic game because I enjoyed making the first one. I had an idea in mind but couldn’t quite get it to work yesterday. …

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    Digipo reflection


    Like I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been working on investigating a claim about atmospheric carbon levels being past the point of no return. I found a lot of websites with most of the same information that the starting article had, including a few from NASA. I can …

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    Digital Polarization


    Happy Wednesday! (not really, this week sucks)

    This week we are working on a Digital Polarization project where we pick claims from Digipo and investigate if they are true or false, where the claim originated etc.

    My group is working on a claim stating that “Atmospheric carbon levels have passed …

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    Reflection on Digital Archeology


    The Digital Archeology assignment has definitely been a challenge. It’s been very difficult to find the information we needed for the parts we took from our device, it’s like companies don’t want you to know where their products are manufactured. Despite of this, I feel like our group has worked …

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    Reflection on culture module


    Whoops, this was supposed to be posted before spring break but I accidentally drafted it instead… sorry Whalen.

    For the culture module my group and I did #activism which I honestly didn’t think much about until we started working on it. I focused on the history of citizen journalism which …

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    Electronic component research.


    So.. researching electronic components is a pain. I had two parts from our old clock radio that I’ve been trying to find out information about, one display and some kind of electromagnetic converter that was connected to two power cords. That’s literally all I know. The display was made in …

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    Creative module!


    Whooops, I kind of misunderstood what we were doing with the modules this time around, so I’m actually not doing the blogging. My group and I are doing #activism, so I’ve been researching a little about the history of citizen journalism. We’re meeting this Wednesday to go over what we’ve …

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