1. Grace Sey

    To the future whiners!!!



    I first heard about this class when I was studying with my friend Ashley at the library. I remember she was a little late because she had just got out of a session of this class, I asked her why she was late and she said I had …

  2. Grace Sey

    Fan Labour


    After all the thinking I did, I reached a decision and finished my fandom assignment, as I said; I’m trying to get everything in before Monday. Ok, so at home, my sister and I, we watch E! News a lot just because we like it and at times what they …

  3. Grace Sey

    Final Project…Done! Done!! Done!!!


    For my final project as you already know, I was still going on with the daily shoot and since finals is almost here, I decided to get all my ds106 stuff done before Monday. I compiled all my photos into a movie soughta in Windows Live Movie Maker and added …

  4. Grace Sey

    Finishing Strong?


    Yea well, I’m trying so hard but I can’t seem to think of what I’ll be doing for this fandom assignment and I’ve not got all year so I have to think fast…oh well, it looks like Prof. Groom just entered the class so….I gotta go be a good student.…

  5. Grace Sey

    Mashed up words


    So before I made my despicable me mashup, I wanted to do something different like mashing up words to make new ones. Because I figured at times just one word is not enough to describe a situation but it didn’t take me long before I noticed it wasn’t going to …

  6. Grace Sey

    Despicable Mashup/Remix :P


    After a whole lot of brainstorming and working, I’m now done with my mashup/ remix assignment.It has been a long day for me but thank God it’s all over now.

    I got the video from youtube and downloaded it using fastest youtube downloader. Luckily for me, there was one with …

  7. Grace Sey

    Mashups and Remixs


    Over spring break, I used to watch E. news and it was always about Charlie Sheen doing this and that but the one I kinda liked most was his “winning” . Ok so these videos are mostly about some interviews he had which have been remixed or mashed up.

    Video …

  8. Grace Sey

    ALERT!!! Final Project Update


    I decided to focus on photography for my final project and this is my second update;

    1. Photo showing layers; this is a sand art I made during the Winterfest.

    2. A photo that showed something Green. I first started by taking pictures of leaves but it didn’t work,so I  …

  9. Grace Sey

    Reeeeeeeemixing and Mashing up


    First of all let me sigh, haaaaaaaaaaa…..that was a good one. I just finished reading the remix and mash-up articles. I started with the Order Theophylline with no prescription and I was like, hmmmm… I don’t no know whether anyone felt the same way but I was kinda confused at …

  10. Grace Sey



    I’m done with the stuff I had to do for the web story telling assignment , I’m not going to stop using this firebug thing because it’s so  useful to mess up web pages ( I love saying that), I’ll definitely be using it in the near future. I made …

  11. Grace Sey

    I think this is kinda funny, what do you think?


    I’m not much of a newspaper reader but last night before my french class started, I saw yesterday’s USA Today newspaper in the class room and decided to give it a shot. Whilst  I was reading, I came across this comic and decided to share with you all. I created …

  12. Grace Sey



    I changed my theme again,yea I was kinda tired of the other one. As part of what I have to do this weekend for this class, I decided to do some of the audio assignments. I  started with Assignment36 and made a bumper for ds106radio, I asked my friend to …

  13. Grace Sey

    You Say Web Story Telling and I say who? what?


    Ok, so Tuesday’s class introduced me to a new thing called Web Story Telling. It is when people change the actual thing that is supposed to be on a web page and make it their own. Getting firebug and searchgrab took more time than it was supposed to for the …

  14. Grace Sey

    Do you remember…………… ?


    when I made a blog post about what I will be doing over the next seven weeks for my final project? Yea so I decided to concentrate on photography but I stopped taking part in the daily shoot. I really didn’t last without it, I guess I forgot that the …

  15. Grace Sey

    Ghana @ 54


    I am Ghanaian and today marks the 54th Independence  day Anniversary so I decided to do a blog post about my country because I know most of you don’t know anything about it. So here we go,

    Ghana can be located at West Africa, between three francophone countries Ivory Coast …

  16. Grace Sey

    Knowing Audacity


    I’m supposed to be finishing my french homework but I kinda felt a little lazy after I ate so, I decided to get to know audacity very well because I felt like I should be doing more with it. I headed over to freesound.org but I could only download one …

  17. Grace Sey

    Is it cool or what?


    I’ve become very obsessed with my new screen saver because it’s beautiful and makes me learn stuff at the same time.You just check it out, isn’t cool?

  18. Grace Sey

    Playing with Audio


    [cincopa AkMAVcqqADJ9]

    I was playing with some audio plugins and downloaded one called Cincopa actually it’s for a lot of media, music, video, photos and the like but I wanted the music part so I signed up and started, when it got to the part where I upload the song, …

  19. Grace Sey



    I’m drowning in the amount of work I have to do, OMG who knew school would be this much work ? but you know what ? a wise man (my dad) once said to me, hard work doesn’t kill it only makes you stronger, so I’m gonna suck it up …

  20. Grace Sey

    My Inspiration


    Along the way I was and still being inspired by the works of  my fellow  mates. Deliberately Snarky’s moonstein introduced me to the extranormal site and I was able to make my own 20 seconds movie. I used to see people making posts with screen shots and I didn’t know …

  21. Grace Sey

    Osheen and Ds106


    Ooh boy, where do I start  from? Ok, I’ve seen some improvement in myself  since I became a ds106 student….. I remember my first blog post about adding Akismet to my plugins, to uploading  a tutorial for  google analytics , posting about the severe cold I got, I could go …

  22. Grace Sey

    The Fortune Cookie Story


    I only like fortune cookies because of their “fortune”. These are the three steps the fortune cookies that come my way go through,

    I first see the fortune I got

    I take it out and read it very well, sorry about the picture

    And then I crush the cookie, after …

  23. Grace Sey

    It looks like a playlist story… English Version


    So I tried to do my playlist story in French but it really didn’t help so I translated everything back to English and this is it…I used the old version but I deleted the french and typed in English, Sorry if  it’s not all even,it’s because I used MS paint.…

  24. Grace Sey

    It looks like a Playlist Story


    I know this is supposed to be music but I have no good music in Itunes or my Windows Media Player so I decided to use my french language lab activities on Itunes instead and since I learned how to use the print screen button I’ve always loved to post …

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