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    Pre – production 3


    Riaz Khan is still not replying to me and so I have had to withdraw my feature, I will now be working on the square mile feature as I was originally supposed to, for this Me and Shara are going to an events at a school in the square mile …

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    Pre-Production 2


    The feature I want to pro duce for the show is a telephone interveiw with Riaz Khan with a possible reading from his book on Football Hooliganism in Leicester. I have tried all menas of contact that I canm think of, I have tried to call him after getting his …

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    Radio Pre-Production 1


    What we have done so far…

    Shara – Head Producer working on tigers Feature

    Rory – assistant producer working on a student based feature

    Rachel – Presenter working on getting  Riaz Khan Story

    Alex – Presenter working on exec feature

    We have had one meeting so far and really get …

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    Post Production


    The group have all given Feedback and started looking at clipping the bits we all like the most for the Demo. I definitely think one thing to look out for next time is levels and studio operations making sure people stick to their jobs, however as people have experience now …

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    In the morning for the final stages of pre-production the team worked together brilliantly to collect the water cooler on Jurrasic World and getting the Vox. Alex put pre-recs on the system and then me and her wrote our presenter cues with the help of  Issy.

    The studio practice however …

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    Pre production – Final stages.


    Tomorrow we are doing our show and I feel like we are not ready at all, the last few days of pre-production have been a nightmare which will have to be changed for our second show. Shara and I ended up working on the same feature without the other knowing …

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    So its the end of the year and I’m over the moon I must say. Its been a fantastic year and among the many things I have learnt in My first year at the fantastic DMU I have learnt about the wonderful social media. This has been an enjoyable module. …

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    PLJ 9 – Spreadability in social media


    Okay so this PLJ is on spreadability. This is my attempt of this anyway. Spreadability is the theory that people are better connected more since the input of web 2.0 (personally I think this is so obvious it hurts me that people are known for coming up with this) because …

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    So I have a friend who worked on a big track on one of the mynestry of sound CD’s, the track made number one and the production company said that when he reached 1000 twitter followers they would give him credits and manage him. He struggled through and at the …

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    PLJ 7 – Lexicon on tele-communications



    In our groups (me and alex) we were asked to create a lexicon and 6 minute power point (sorry I forgot the actual name for the pekachoo) for the co-teaching exercises. The definition of ‘lexicon’ is the vocabulary of a particular language or field. which basically means to break …

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    PLJ 6 – 120 characters of intrusion


    This is my fith personal learning journal and so far I have been pretty safe with my topics keeping to the lectures, however today I want to branch out a bit and tell of my feeling towards social media, not someone elses, it is a PERSONAL learning journal afterall. So …

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