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    Pre – production 3


    Riaz Khan is still not replying to me and so I have had to withdraw my feature, I will now be working on the square mile feature as I was originally supposed to, for this Me and Shara are going to an events at a school in the square mile …

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    Pre-Production 2


    The feature I want to pro duce for the show is a telephone interveiw with Riaz Khan with a possible reading from his book on Football Hooliganism in Leicester. I have tried all menas of contact that I canm think of, I have tried to call him after getting his …

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    Radio Pre-Production 1


    What we have done so far…

    Shara – Head Producer working on tigers Feature

    Rory – assistant producer working on a student based feature

    Rachel – Presenter working on getting  Riaz Khan Story

    Alex – Presenter working on exec feature

    We have had one meeting so far and really get …

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    Post Production


    The group have all given Feedback and started looking at clipping the bits we all like the most for the Demo. I definitely think one thing to look out for next time is levels and studio operations making sure people stick to their jobs, however as people have experience now …

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    In the morning for the final stages of pre-production the team worked together brilliantly to collect the water cooler on Jurrasic World and getting the Vox. Alex put pre-recs on the system and then me and her wrote our presenter cues with the help of  Issy.

    The studio practice however …

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    Pre production – Final stages.


    Tomorrow we are doing our show and I feel like we are not ready at all, the last few days of pre-production have been a nightmare which will have to be changed for our second show. Shara and I ended up working on the same feature without the other knowing …

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