1. paigep92

    Haiku Recipe: Guacamole


    3 avocados
    Half all 3 avocados
    Remove pit within

    Dice one tomato
    And dice half of an onion
    Add all to a bowl

    Roll and half lemon
    Squeeze lemon juice into bowl
    Mash all with a fork

    Add some salt to taste
    Open favorite bag of chips
    Dip in, munch …

  2. paigep92

    Monday’s Wardrobe


    M occasins, surrounding my feet with warmth

    O bey, “Make Art, Not War”

    N ew t-shirt…from the thrift shop

    D efinitely no denim for this girl on Monday

    A ccessories are unwanted, unless it’s a hair tie

    Y oga pants, keeping it laid back and comfortable

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