1. pboyle

    Looking out into the night


    I inserted this image into my story because I can imagine this while I am laying on my couch looking out of one of the sky lights. I love looking out into the stars on a clear night. I like this picture also because there are trees in it and …

  2. pboyle

    Dungeons and Dragons


    I played a game on Twine called “Castle Doomstone” and it was interesting to say the least. I died twice because I stole my bike too early and shoot the dragon a second time. I would say that the game was at least fun to read. I do not think …

  3. pboyle



    Who Called:

    I did this assignment a long time ago. The assignment was to record your self as your character and it had to be with another character. It has to be 2 minutes long.

    Step 1: Write a script of the conversation that your character and another character are …

  4. pboyle

    Ds 106 for LIFE!!!!!!!


    First I am going to talk about the final case. Me, Amanda, and Sharla created a radio show because we thought it would be easier and we wanted to make fun of noir kind of. I LOVE noir now and in the last week or so things happened on campus …

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    I created 2 assignments for the assignment bank. One was creating a photo of the person that your would like to date which all you have to do is cut out pictures of magazines and put them together to look like your perfect person you would like to date. The …

  6. pboyle

    The unlucky Week 13


    This week we created a whole movie and added in a few pictures and audio. This was a big project and I could not have done it without the help of my two friends. Amanda and Sharla are such hard workers and I could not have done any of this …

  7. pboyle

    Week 12 was Oh so Sweet!!


    This week was a lot of planning a thought provoking. I say that because we had to come up with our entire story for this project. Next week will tape everything and put it all together. The hard part is the ending because I still do not know what the …

  8. pboyle



    This is Rex,

    Patrick interviewed me and he had some interesting questions that he got from his professor’s. I answered all of them to the best of my ability. It is strange to think I did not exist until the start of Ds106 back in January. This is my video, …

  9. pboyle

    In the Dark


    This show was absolutely my favorite thing we have done in this class, I had so much fun with Kassia, Sharla, and Amanda. The three of us can create magic. We were having a good time throughout the process. The only thing that sucks was scheduling because all of us …

  10. pboyle

    End of week 10


    Wow, all I can say is that this week has been the hardest, all of it came done to weather I texted google, how messed up is that. I did not text google so anything past 15 minutes would not be allowed to go up to youtube, that caused a …

  11. pboyle

    The End of Week 9


    So we started our group project for the video show, we came up with the script, and shoot a few things. This was a little more detailed than our radio show but since we had that experience it helped us make things go faster. We started out by finding who …

  12. pboyle

    Reading Movies


    I read Rodger Ebert’s “How to read a Movie” and it was interesting how he would stop the scene and look at where the characters were as far as their possession relative to where another person was in that scene. The way that a film critic looks at a movie …

  13. pboyle

    Finial Radio


    WOW! there are so many things I loved about this radio show. First the people that I worked with were amazing. The radio show itself was challenging but something happened and I cannot really explain it, that changed me. The Audio assignments the week before helped out, but nothing could …

  14. pboyle

    Radio Listen


    On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of listening to “Get a Clue” and it had a lot of great lines in it which meant the writing for the show was amazing. The idea to have 5 different stories about the same event was great. Each view point was different …

  15. pboyle

    Aubrey, your drink needs to be on the makrket


    Aubrey created a commercial that inspired me to want to really create that drink. I think people would love it and it would be something dangerous and sexy because it would be unique. I like marketing to a degree and she did great with her commercial.…

  16. pboyle

    OH Sarah, you make me laugh



    This was awesome, I cannot believe the creativity in this class. I would never have thought to do something like this. I think the person who created this was Sarah. I have to say I had to listen to that more than once.…

  17. pboyle

    How Fifty Shades became cool


    Janelle Pierangelino is a genius, she inspired me to watch this movie with her skit in the back of my mind. I laugh out loud, this was hilarious. I wish I was this creative. I probably will never see the movie but if i ever do I will be laughing …

  18. pboyle

    How Steve Rechter Inspired me



    This voice mail of Darth Vader made me want to go watch Star wars and see if I can find other characters that would be cool to have funny voicemails. I love anything star wars.…

  19. pboyle

    Tweet Along


    Ok, so I did not actually do the tweet along because I was an idiot and did not save time in my schedule to hear it live. I did however listen to “Dead Silence” I thought it was amazing. I like how they used newer songs and blended everything together …

  20. pboyle

    The week 8 that was my life


    This week started out bad because I was probably the only person who did not do the tweet along. I am mad at myself for not doing it. I love doing the tweet along but I had so many things going on on all four of the days that it …

  21. pboyle

    Most Wanted


    Abigail created this poster of my character on a wanted poster. I picked out the picture and she created the background. If I was really Rex, I think this is what I would look like because he is tough, but simple. I might be lacking hair but I always get …

  22. pboyle

    The VoiceMail




    So Rex and Delilah have a bit of an argument over this voice mail. Rex is the one that calls to say, where you at, then he leaves this message like only Rex can. Rex also calls again and then finally Delilah picks up and they have a …

  23. pboyle

    Post Card


    So the assignment here was to find an existing post card/card/note and create your own story surrounding it. This card was discovered by this guy who found it in his Grandmothers belongings. It was a cryptic letter that’s taken him 20 years to figure out the pattern. The pattern is …

  24. pboyle

    Digital Journey Week 7


    This week was crazy! I could never imagine myself working this hard and learning so much in a two week period. I did not know what I was doing with Audacity, but now I feel like I could do anything with it. Sound is a funny thing.

    Me and the …

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