1. pboyle

    Digital Journey Week 6


    This week was fun to say the least. I met some of my classmates and we all collaborated on our Radio show ideas. We even came up with an entire story. Now the hard part will be putting it all together into and amazing project. I really liked hanging out …

  2. pboyle

    Radio Show week 1


    On Tuesday, a flurry of tweeting happened. To get in our group I had to tweet on the #ds106 and #noir106 to see if I could find people that wanted to collaborate with me. I needed to be in a group, so I had to find a few people that …

  3. pboyle

    Photo Blitz


    I went to a winery in Fredericksburg, they were having Casino night, but we did not actually go to that. We did however spend five hours at the winery with my wife’s family. I walked around and took some good photo’s of some cool things in my opinion. I had …

  4. pboyle

    Digital Journey week 5


    This week started strong, I read all about design and because of that I took a few photo’s that I really liked. I was going all around a winery that my wife took me to and taking pictures. I may have looked weird doing it but I was having fun …

  5. pboyle

    In a Far Far Galaxy


    I looked up pictures of Jim Groom from UMW to find a face of Jim Groom. Then I looked up Star Wars characters that would best fit Jim Groom. The closest thing I could find was Obi Wan Kenobi. Once I had the pictures, I had to put them together, …

  6. pboyle

    Double Indemnity


    The movie was longer than the radio show but it was good. I like the character keys, he makes the movie perfect. The setting in Los Angeles with great with what looked like a concert in the back ground when they were on the hollywood sign. Every time he said …

  7. pboyle



    WOW! I really liked that design book. I like when it said you have a responsibility to yourself, the client, and the people that would be seeing the design. Design should be eloquent, timeless, and not sloppy. I honestly did not realize how design was so symmetrical. They put squares …

  8. pboyle

    Radio Ideas


    For the ds 106 radio, I have a different perspective every week. One week could be from the bad guy, another be from the women in distress, and then from the tough guy.…

  9. pboyle

    Digtal Journey Week 4


    This week was all about sound and how to make it online. I downloaded a lot of different sounds. I read a lot about creating a sound and how to use it to make magic. I created a bumper for the Ds 106 Radio.  I wrote about holly wood and …

  10. pboyle



    I just created this for the #ds106radio bumper, it was fun making it.…

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