1. profstephs

    Why I Love (and Hate) Marking Tests


    I just finished marking 100 biology tests for my Pre-Health Science (College-Path) students. I feel like I’ve done nothing but write in red pen for 3 days straight. Now I’m exhausted, and filled with conflicting feelings.

    There is a part of me that actually enjoys marking. I get to share …

  2. profstephs

    3 Goals for the Fall 2013 Term


    During this fall semester, I would like to accomplish 3 things:

    Get more social activities on the student Co-Curricular Record. Implement ideas from CEDP Phase 1 into my lesson planning. Maintain this blog as a tool for reflective practice.

    1. I plan to host a monthly movie night and show …

  3. profstephs

    Quick CEDP Phase 1 Day 3 Overview


    It’s getting late since I was working on organizing my notes from today’s workshops and finalizing the lesson plan I’ll present to my small group tomorrow for feedback. I really struggle with making human tissues an interesting topic, so I look forward to the suggestions of my colleagues.

    Keynote: Jesse …

  4. profstephs

    CEDP Phase 1 Day 2 Reflection


    College Grouping – Oucomes Based Education and Program Standards

    Our department has just finished the curriculum review portion of our program mapping, so I had all of the terminology fresh in my mind for this session. It was great to see where our college-specific guides are posted on the web, …

  5. profstephs

    CEDP Phase 1 Day 1 Reflection


    I have just finished my first day of the College Educator Development Program (CEDP Phase 1) for the Western Ontario colleges and I am absolutely exhausted! I think that I’ll try to post my conference workshop reflections as soon as I’m able for all future blog posts, so …

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