1. Re3m

    Are Memes ART?


    are memes consider art ?

    Is art consider memes?

    is art, art

    why are memes call memes and not me me

    According to the internet  Art is often considered to be the product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.

    Memes appeal to …

  2. Re3m

    Reaction to the first day of CT101



    CT 101 was the first class I had this semester

    I wanted to stay home  and sleep…

    But I had to get up and come to class…

    I came in class like…

    I’m pretty sure that was everyone else’s expression too….

    The whole class I was there trying to …

  3. Re3m

    What is making me happy on the internet


    What is making me happy on the internet right now is Memes. I really like memes they are funny after all, Who doesn’t  need a laugh  right?

    We all know that the internet will be forever undefeated not even Floyd Mayweather stand a chance.

    Above is the latest meme that …

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