1. rebecca26

    Final Blog Post! / Rebecca Carroscio


    When trying to figure out what classes to take for this semester, CT 101 was one that was recomended by a friend.  When I asked what we would be doing they said, “You pretty much make a website”.  It would be pretty accurate to say that I was slightly suspicious.…

  2. rebecca26

    First Gif Post!


    I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for CT 101. I heard it was a great class but I was still a bit nervous.

    However, after hearing Professor Ryan explaining what the class was going to be about and how we were going to be using …

  3. rebecca26

    Assignment #1 – Making me happy


    Hi, my name is Rebecca Carroscio.

    To be honest, it took me awhile to find what has made me happy on the internet.

    Youtube has always been the starting place for me becoming a fan of different show series. Unfortunately though, some shows can’t be watched entirely on YouTube so …

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