1. rhino507

    My People – Written Statement


    For this photo essay, I chose to photograph members of my family. This wasn’t easy, because my family is pretty spread out geographically at the moment: My oldest brother Colin and my mother Cindy are both in California with her side of our extended family, while my middle brother Galen…
  2. rhino507

    My People (thoughts on my project)

    This isn’t the best quality photo. Not in lighting, composition, or clarity. It probably won’t make the final cut of my project. But it does depict the subjects of my project in a place of personal significance.  The people in this photo are my family. The guy in the blue…
  3. rhino507

    Weekly Summary


    This past week I played around with a DSLR camera (the canon rebel) that I checked out from the ISS media center. While I am barely skimming the surface in terms of what this tool is capable of, it is a joy to use. It make getting the daily shoot …

  4. rhino507

    Re: Masters of Photography (Diane Arbus)


    Watching “Masters of Photography” is a very intimate experience. The relative silence of the film from the get go puts you in a wholly different mind set than most film media. Having just learned of Diane Arbus’s death, meeting her daughter kind of makes you want to shut the hell …

  5. rhino507

    Daily Shoots Week 2

    Who Am I?

    Who Am I?




    Self Portrait

    Self Portrait Self Portrait


    Shadows  Ugly to Beautiful Ugly to Beautiful

    Ugly to Beautiful

  6. rhino507

    Exploring Portraits


    I decided to explore the issue of shooting portraits because I intend to do some kind of portrait collection for the photo essay project. I started by googling “tips for shooting portraits,” and eventually found three articles that I found helpful. One of them is from LifeHacker, and its …

  7. rhino507

    Weekly Summary

    CC Travis Gray 

    I am really enjoying the photo unit. I like the tinkering aspect of taking photos, and the more intuitive control over the design elements. Coming off the extremely specific technical processes of the graphic design unit, it feels good to be able to make a bunch …

  8. rhino507

    My First GIF


    This may be a very simple GIF, but for me it is a huge triumph. I struggled so much to put this together I almost made the text “The Feeling When Your GIF Finally Works.”

    I like this one better.

    What I learned along the way: 

    Gimp may be…
  9. rhino507

    Re: “Jon”



    CC ndh

    That’s my reaction to “Jon,” in a nutshell. With no context in the beginning of the story about the where/what/why of this dystopian facility, and no clear connection to what we have done (or are doing in the future) of umdst, I simply don’t get it. It’s …

  10. rhino507

    Weekly Summary


    Work by Christopher David Ryan 

    I learned a lot this week about the basic principles of design, and became a lot more comfortable working with photoshop. Last week, after the frustrations of working with Gimp, I downloaded a photoshop app for my ipad and figured that I would give …

  11. rhino507

    Re: Minimalism – Madmen Poster

    Madman is a really boring show. But it looks AMAZING. 

    The good people at AMC definitely know how to romanticize the design of the 60’s even as they tear down it’s illusion of class and chivalry. Some of the classic images of men from this era are those of the ever …

  12. rhino507

    Original Design Create – Imaginary Album Cover

    Intro  For my first original design create project, I decided to try my hand at making an imaginary album cover. I followed the process used by Albums Without Sound artist/blogger Eric Sena, and then tried out a few different concepts. I am included all four of the sketches I made…
  13. rhino507

    Visual Create #3a – Fantasy TED Talks


    This one was a lot of fun to do. 

    The prompt was “Fantasy TED TALKS.” My roommate Will (bottom right) is a huge jokester, and for some reason one of his favorites it to send people (especially me) photos and gifs of sloths. The other day at work I received …

  14. rhino507

    Design Create #2 a – Fat Cats Make Art Better


    This is my second experience combining two images with photoshop to create something new. the first was the in-class face swap with the couple (I made a post about it below). The prompt for this one was “Fat cats make art better (insert a cat into a famous painting).” I …

  15. rhino507

    Re: Albums Without Sound


    * My apologies in advance for the weird font formating on this post. Despite reseting the text so that it should all be in Georgia font at uniform size, the post seems determined to display the hodgepodge below.*

    Browsing the fictitious albums covers on Albums Without Sound, the image…
  16. rhino507

    Weekly Summary


    Radio is over….

    I had a lot of fun making my two radio pieces, The Morning After, and Fire! Fire! Fire!
    They were very different projects from start to finish, yet I think the second (Fire! Fire! Fire!) definitely shows the progress I made by working through the first. I …

  17. rhino507

    In Class Visual Create


    This visual create asked me to use a poem as inspiration for an image that included its text. Here’s what I got.

    CC Scion_Cho for original image minus text

    I chose this poem because I liked its simplicity. I felt like it captured the idea of a carefree mentality (the …

  18. rhino507

    First Design Assignments: The “YOLO” series

    These are my first two design assignments. I chose the “take a bad photo, apply a vintage effect and write something in Helvetica” prompt for both. These two good looking creatures are my family pets Rocco (the dog) and Christopher Columbus (the cat). Personally, I think they embody the spirit…
  19. rhino507

    Re: Images by Robert Hass

    CC Prathima Pingali

    Robert Hass’s Images is an interesting read, but as one of the opening reading assignments for a unit on visual imagery, this exploration of poetic imagery seems out of place. Often, Hass communicates more wisdom in his statements than their subsequent  explanations. That being said, here’s what …

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