1. @richelleholnick

    What’s the Weather?


    I got an extension and book marked it. Then I went on weather channel dot com and clicked on the bookmark, which opened up the code of the weather channel website. I was then able to change around everything to make it a joke.

    I looked up how to insert …

  2. @richelleholnick

    A Finsta for Everyone


    This assignment was to make a fake instagram-a finsta- for a fake person, but I decided to do it about my character! Get to know James through the lens of social media!

    Put a face to the name!

    Rebellious-inside and out! Red streaks fit a superhero who doesn’t want to …

  3. @richelleholnick

    Dream Room


    This assignment asked me to make my dream room off of Pinterest. I’ve been waiting for an assignment like this my whole life! I love dream rooms/dream boards!

    I would want:

    This reading nook

    This color wall

    This big window

    This bed

    & this closet!

    Preferably with a cat cuddled …

  4. @richelleholnick

    Quick, Draw!


    I did this fun, game I guess you could call it, called Quick, Draw by Google. You are given a prompt and have 20 seconds to draw it and Google guesses what you are drawing.

    I made these six doodles. A neural network guessed three of them correctly. #ds106 https://t.co/mYUrmAUKB6

  5. @richelleholnick

    The Legends


    This is out finished radio show!

    We decided to name it the Legends as we thought that went with the theme of the class really well and that it is memorable!

    Our overall theme is a group therapy session because that allowed everyone to talk about themselves personally and get …

  6. @richelleholnick

    DS 106 Radio Commercial


    This is my Ds 106 radio commercial!

    I made it while cleaning for break. I bet you can’t guess why…messy roommates! I would love if there was someone to clean my room for me! I put the vacuum at the end to help really sell it!

    This was the radio …

  7. @richelleholnick

    Weekly Summary Week 7


    This week was so hard because midterms is such a stressful time! But, it was nice to do audio assignments again since I now felt a bit more comfortable with audio assignments and felt like I could improve upon my skills and it was a bit easier to do the …

  8. @richelleholnick

    Radio Show Check In-1


    My radio show group came together because none of us already had a group. I haven’t taken a class where I didn’t know anyone in a long time, so this is different! Meeting up for this seems like it will be hard because of fall break, plus we all have …

  9. @richelleholnick

    The Myth of Apollo


    Listen before reading

    This is the story of Apollo. He was born, it was beautiful, he played the lyre, then Zeus came (he did some bad things-hence the thunder!). But, in the end, it was okay again and he played the lyre and lived happily ever after.

    For this assignment, …

  10. @richelleholnick

    Make Noise from a Normal Sample


    I made this sample without listening to it first. I just started changing things to make it a more unique sound.

    In order of what I did:

    Increased the sound Moved the toggle more to the left ear Generated chirp Changed the rhythm track The tempo from 120 to 169.0…
  11. @richelleholnick

    Design Thoughts


    Reading The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli was really interesting. I do not know much about design, but reading this booklet from him made me realize that a lot of components of design were very separate in my mind. Which according to Vignelli, is false. This quote from the booklet, …

  12. @richelleholnick

    Un-Motivational Poster


    This assignment was to create an un-motivational poster! I thought it would be funny if I did two people who are obviously having a good time and talking/laughing, and then used a sunny background color. I coupled that with the phrase “please don’t talk to me” because my office has …

  13. @richelleholnick

    James’ Backpack


    This assignment was to make a ‘logo’ for your name but I wanted to make it of my character’s name! I picked black outlining with a purple fill. For the font, I picked a slight cursive, but not terribly girly, font. For the background, I kept it more simple with …

  14. @richelleholnick

    Four Icons Make a Story


    How was such a simple project so hard? Not hard to make, but hard to think of!! First, I wanted to do Mean Girls since it was just unofficially Mean Girls Day, but I just could not come up with 4 good symbols! So instead, I chose to do my …

  15. @richelleholnick

    Radio Show Ideas


    A radio show about legends, myths, and folklore. How fun! I think it would be fun to explore the origins of some of the most well known legends. I would start ‘family friendly’ and grow more sinister as the show went on. The first one I would do is talk …

  16. @richelleholnick

    Silly Repetitions


    Let’s listen to some silly repetitions!

    For the song mash up assignment, I decided to go a little different. The assignment was to find two songs and mash them up so it sounds like they are having a conversation. I still did that, but the two songs I chose are …

  17. @richelleholnick

    Over Dramatic Reading-James’ Point of View


    I have to read these dumb poems aloud in class. Ugh it’s the worst! We have to read from this book called Chasers of the Light, Poems from the Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson. He is some dumb romantic. Ugh, hasn’t he figured out that love isn’t real and …

  18. @richelleholnick

    Thanks for tuning in!


    This is the radio bumper that I made! Also, what a fun term, radio bumper! I had no idea that this had a name.

    Do you like it? I honestly wasn’t sure what to do! As any good millennial (or Generation Z depending on who you ask), I took to …

  19. @richelleholnick

    Do you know what’s happening?


    Can you guess the story of these sounds?

    This is someone cooking something and then in the end burning themselves when they take it out. Sounds featured are an egg crack, milk being poured, the bowl being stirred, it going in the pan and into the oven, the timer of …

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