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    Weekly Summary/Final Project


    This week’s work on the final project included creating two aged images, two pieces of audio service announcements, and one gif, in addition to numerous tweets that help make the overall story more cohesive.  In addition to my work on the final project, I completed my advice post for future …

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    DS106 Advice


    This class does require a lot of work and time commitment, but the flexibility afforded by the multitude of assignments means that this course can be fine-tuned to your interests.  As long as you incorporate ideas or characters or shows that you find fun and entertaining, you’ll find the motivation …

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    Progress Report 2


    I have decided to stick with my original plan of tying together a story from Caesar’s perspective in Xena: Warrior Princess.  To accomplish this, I’ve created a fake twitter account for Julius Caesar where he regularly posts his own opinions (think ancient Donald Trump…) and links to more formal updates …

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    Progress Report 1


    This week has largely been spent brainstorming ideas.  Any open-ended project is intimidating in that the possibilities are essentially endless and selecting the right idea is entirely dependent upon you.  Selecting a topic that will be continue to engage me and motivate me over several weeks is critical.  If anyone …

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    A Stereo Movie Tutorial


    To begin, you will need to find your visual footage of choice for editing.  One of the ways this can be achieved is by downloading videos from YouTube.  To do this, begin by highlighting the section in front of the youtube url and replacing it with pwn (so it reads …

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    Gabrielle: A Changing Character


    My love of all things Xena: Warrior Princess should be well documented by this point, so it’s no surprise that I decided to try my hand at this assignment.  I’ve always been particularly impressed with Gabrielle as a character on the show.  She has an incredible growth arc, evolving …

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    Week 10 Summary


    The assignments this week allowed me to continue to stretch my video-editing skills.  Two of these projects directly related to finding particular patterns/tropes across film.  For example, for one of the assignments I found five instances of the reluctant hero trope, while for another I made a supercut of …

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    The Ultimate Dramatic Scream Supercut


    I’ve seen supercuts circulate on the Internet before (such as the famous No compilation) so I decided to try my hand at this assignment by creating a similar one that focused on emotional screaming.  In constructing this, I noticed a particular pattern.  Most of the screams are silent, or at …

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    Classical Sia


    I always enjoy the mashup video projects, so I decided to try the classical mashup assignment.  I chose Sia’s new music video The Greatest as my visual content.  Since the tone of the videos is more dire (as it is a tribute to the Orlando victims) I chose to …

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    Week 9 Summary


    I am an avid lover of all things film-related, so I had a lot of fun this week.  The video essay reminded me greatly of my Introduction to Cinema Studies class I took last semester.  Excellent throwback.  Moving into the assignments allowed me to make some hilarious pieces.  I was …

  11. @rinko_anna

    Spoiling Aliens


    I liked the idea of condensing a movie into its essential scenes, so I decided to try my hand at this assignment.  It reminded me of movie trailers (which are often critiqued for giving away major plot points).  After selecting Aliens as my movie of choice, I spliced what I …

  12. @rinko_anna

    Mulan and the Sound of Silence


    I’ve been enjoying these unconventional combinations of audio and video editing, so I decided to try my hand at this one.  I decided to use the scene where Mulan and the rest of the Chinese army find the burned out village, and overlay Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of …

  13. @rinko_anna

    Xena’s Instant Replay


    I enjoy watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, which often have an instant replay effect, so I thought I’d try my hand at this assignment.  I chose a ridiculous scene from Xena: Warrior Princess, where the protagonist makes an incredibly cheesy gravity-defying leap.  I did a quick Google Search to …

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    Gravity and Ghostbusters


    I loved the idea of making a serious movie funny, so I took this assignment and ran with it.  I began by selecting my two scenes to mashup.  For my serious scene I chose the reentry clip from Gravity (one of my favorite movies).  Then I chose the proton pack …

  15. @rinko_anna

    The Karate Kid: A Video Essay


    To be perfectly honest, perhaps the hardest aspect of this assignment was finding a suitable movie scene to analyze.  I wanted to ensure that it was meaningful to me, while also selecting a scene that was not dialogue-centric (as I figured it would be difficult to successfully overlap narration and …

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    Week 8 Summary


    Whew.  This week was a lot to get through, but I managed.  First we began with listening to our incredible radio shows.  It was obvious that a lot of work had been put into these, and I was thoroughly impressed.  I personally reviewed the Meme Show for my RadioListen.  …

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    DS106 Showcase


    It’s pretty incredible the amount of work that this class has created.  There are some great minds in this class.  I was perusing many different assignments, seperating out those that especially struck my fancy, when I noticed a bit of a pattern.  All the assignments I was picking were visual.  …

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    I’ve opted to review the Memes Show.  The topic is particularly relevant to our focus on the Internet.  The spread of memes is an excellent demonstration of the phenomenon of “going viral” and their popularity is incredible.  Naturally I was intrigued as to how a radio show would cover this …

  19. @rinko_anna

    A Pro-Sauron Retelling of LOTR


    I’ve really been enjoying fiddling with web pages, so I decided to take X-Ray Goggles to YouTube for this next assignment.  As a Lord of the Rings enthusiast, I decided to alter the video where Eowyn famously declares “I am no man” before stabbing the Witch King.  I changed …

  20. @rinko_anna

    Mayonnaise Search


    I wanted to experiment some more with X-Ray Goggles so I decided to take on the Personal Search Engine assignment.  I decided to make mine somewhat ridiculous, so… some backstory.  For years I have used the phrase, “Mayonnaise, peanuts, and cucumbers,” as an exclamation of frustration.  “Mayonnaise” for short, when …

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    Magical UMW


    Using the X-Ray goggles was much easier than I anticipated.  I’ve had some experience with html before, but this plug-in took care of the technical work for you.  I ultimately decided to edit UMW’s main site to make it fit within the Harry Potter universe.  I essentially made it appear …

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