1. rljessen

    The Good 100 Experiment


    On the weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the Good 100 Experiment with an amazing group of Edmonton do-gooders. It was an inspiring experience.

    The Good 100 Experiment

    I had the opportunity to get to know agents of social change of all ages and from many diverse sectors …

  2. rljessen

    Premier Notley is Sworn In


    It was hot and sunny this afternoon as Rachel Notely was sworn in as Alberta’s seventeenth Premier. It was the first change of power in Alberta in 44 years and people were hungry for change.

    Rachel Notley is sworn in


    Instead of the usual ceremony behind closed doors Premier …

  3. rljessen

    Making and Marketing Chocolates in Grade 8


    I recently has the honour of being invited to a launch party showcase for the SMAK-G Chocolate Company. The invitation read:

    The grade 8 students at Michael Strembitsky School have spent the last 5 weeks engaged in a unique learning opportunity that combines multiple curricular outcomes and competencies into a…
  4. rljessen

    Intro to OER in K-12


    This afternoon I presented a session on Open Educational Resources (OER) for teachers at the Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC). It was a great session. There were participants from across the province, plus one participant from New Brunswick connected and viewing the slides on Bridget and watching the video via …

  5. rljessen

    Camping at Long Lake


    Long Lake

    Tom’s birthday was at the end of February. It was one of those big birthdays, the kind that make you think back about all of the things you have done with your life, and the things you would still like to do. Instead of having a giant party,…
  6. rljessen

    Startup Weekend Education Edmonton


    I’m excited about a brand new event happening in Edmonton this coming weekend, Mar 6-7. It’s a fun, mini Dragon’s Den style entrepreneurial experience called Startup Weekend EDU. I am on the volunteer organizing team. SWEDU is a chance for youth in grades 9-12 and educators to learn from and …

  7. rljessen

    TEDx Youth Edmonton, Feburary 21 2015

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the second annual TEDx Youth Edmonton event at the Royal Alberta Museum. Here are the inspiring speakers, the did a fantastic job!

    TEDx Youth Edmonton Speakers

    TEDx Youth Edmonton Speakers


    This is an archive of the back channel on Twitter [View
  8. rljessen

    Disconnected Learning again, sigh


    Today after work I’ll be heading to Calgary for my annual Teacher’s Convention. I believe in lifelong learning and participate in and deliver professional learning opportunities on a regular basis but I never look forward to convention because there is no WiFi so I need to disconnect from my learning …

  9. rljessen

    Archive of 2nd Anniversary #Etmooc Twitter Chat


    On Tuesday many of the participants from #etmooc, the Educational Technology and Media Mooc, gathered together for a Twitter chat to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of #etmooc. We were celebrating the second anniversary of the launch of #etmooc, because although the scheduled events for #etmooc ended almost two years ago, …

  10. rljessen

    Fish Eye Fun


    I got a smart phone for Christmas, the whole family did. The girls were ecstatic. I am enjoying my new phone, but have no plans to turn into one of those smart phone addicted zombies that surround me that seem more interested in their phones than what is taking place …

  11. rljessen

    Cubicle Decorating Craziness


    We’re celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas at work. Today was the judging for the Cubicle Decorating Contest. Every year there are more competitors and the competition gets harder. Here are some of the entries.

    The Math, Arts and Communications branch won first prize with their Whoville display

    The Entrance …

  12. rljessen

    Spreading the Twitter Chat Love


    I really enjoy Twitter chats. They are a great way to connect with the people in my PLN and to explore different educational topics. For the past two years I’ve also been hosting Twitter chats, participating as myself and using the PostEtmooc Twitter account. I enjoy hosting Twitter chats even …

  13. rljessen

    Agents of Social Change


    It was my birthday on Friday. It was a great birthday. I had meals with friends, Maureen took me to Hyperthinking by Phillip Weiss at Grant MacEwan. The girls were at camp with Pathfinders so I had a romantic weekend with Tom. And I took the weekend off, barely touching …

  14. rljessen

    Non-Violent Twitter vs Zombies


    I loved watching the latest iteration of Twitter vs Zombies (#TvsZ) this weekend. I knew I was too busy to play (I have learned from experience that when I sit down to play for an hour, it will be at least three hours later when I step away from the …

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