1. rljessen

    Missing #oclmooc Twitter Chats


    The Open and Connected Learning Mooc (#oclmooc) ended on Thursday and since then real life has caught up with me. I have been online much less, and I haven’t been blogging on RhondaJessen or oclmooc. I have been thinking about everything that happened during and leading up to #oclmooc. …

  2. rljessen

    Getting Ready to Connect in #oclmooc


    I haven’t had time to post much in this space lately as I’ve been getting ready for the launch of The Open and Connected Learning Mooc in two days. Here is what I sent out to #oclmooc participants on Sunday:


    The Open and Connected Learning Mooc (#oclmooc) starts next …

  3. rljessen

    The CTF website is live!


    Working at Alberta Education has been a fascinating, always learning experience. For the past two years I have had the pleasure of helping to refine and validate the draft Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) curriculum. We have been working with fantastic educators to ensure that CTF will work in their …

  4. rljessen

    Fort Edmonton Volunteer Party


    We had a great time yesterday at the Fort Edmonton Volunteer Party which was held in the 1920s Midway. The best part was the jazz trio who played live in front of the Freak Show Tent.

    The Jazz Trio

    We started with a ride on the ferris wheel.

    The girls …

  5. rljessen

    Gardening at Fort Edmonton


    This summer I have had the pleasure of volunteering in the gardens at Fort Edmonton. Although the gardens are beautiful, I hadn’t paid as much attention to them as I had to the buildings before. Spending time weeding them gave me a chance to get to know them a …

  6. rljessen

    Jasmine and the Bees


    We just got back from visiting relatives in Saskatchewan, including my cousin Michelle who is a beekeeper. Her company Zee Bee Honey produces honey and bees wax candles which she sells at farmer’s markets and in stores around Regina. Jasmine took an interest in Michelle’s bee keeping operation and suited …

  7. rljessen

    K Days Parade


    Paris and I watched the K Days Parade the other day. I have never been to K Days, but I hear it has been going through an identity crisis, and has undergone several name changes. I know it is a big fair, but I wasn’t able to figure out what …

  8. rljessen

    My 31 Days of Edmonton – week 2


    I’m participating in The Local Good’s 31 Days of Yeg this month. Everyday I share something about my experiences in Edmonton in a tweet with the hashtag #31daysofYEG.

    The Local Good encouraging us to buy local

    In true self-directed learner fashion I’ve hacked the rules a little bit – I …

  9. rljessen

    The Other Lefsa


    Now that the summer is here things have slowed down and I am catching up on the the things that get shuffled to the sides of the to-do list when things are busy. I have been cooking more, and using my battered blue recipe binder more often. Rifling through the …

  10. rljessen

    Hack My Brain Book


    Although #clmooc 2014 has been running for about a month, I haven’t had a chance to play until yesterday. I’ve been getting the emails, and reading some of the tweets, but when #clmooc started I was too busy, and when the school year ended I took two weeks almost totally …

  11. rljessen

    Canada Day Fireworks 2014


    This year we watched the Canada Day fireworks from Victoria Park Road.

    Crescent moon and sunset along Victoria Park Road

    We had a great view of the High Level Bridge for the official debut of Light the Bridge and the fireworks. Plus we got to watch the human theatre as …

  12. rljessen

    The Centre for Global Education Symposium


    On June 23rd The Centre for Global Education held a symposium for Edmonton Public Schools (EPSB) to celebrate and honour the work of EPSB students and to look at what next year will bring. Terry and Maureen did a fantastic job with the event. I took photos and live Tweeted …

  13. rljessen

    Karen My Zombie Friend


    My friend Karne whenever you turn Zombie (which has been quite a few times in the short time I have known you) I imagine you knitting, rocking and knitting, a bit like my Nana Burgeron but more grotesque and rotting, the kind of knitting where one needle is larger than …

  14. rljessen

    Back into the Game, in a #safezone for now


    I’ve been away from the game working all day, watching from the corner of my eye as the game evolved and the zombie plague spread.

    The zombie plague is spreading

    Successful Zombie Bite

    Impressed, as always by my Nana Burgeron who is kicking #zombie butt (pardon my language Nana, but …

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