1. rljessen

    Patient Zero has Escaped!


    There is something going on here in Edmonton, and elsewhere. The sirens have gotten more frequent and louder, the smoke from the campfires is looking thicker than normal.

    Twitter vs Zombies 4 is launched

    TvsZ 4 Begins

    but so far there is no sign of zombies

    100% Human

    I read …

  2. rljessen

    Happy Pride Edmonton


    Tom and I went to the Edmonton Pride Parade on Saturday. We hadn’t planned to, but we were in the neighbourhood and we kept seeing such interesting looking people and fabulous costumes we decided to check it out. We’re glad we did, it was a great parade.

    Premier Dave Hancock’s …

  3. rljessen

    Victoria Arts Festival 2014


    This week was the annual Arts Festival at Victoria School of the Arts. There were too many events to take them all in. We just dipped our toes in, if we had more time we could have spent the whole weekend at the school. The girls performed a few times …

  4. rljessen

    Grade 6 Exhibition


    On Wednesday Paris has her Grade 6 International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program Exhibition. I was impressed by the work students put into the show.

    The night started with a song and dance performance which students had choreographed themselves.

    Then we were invited to view the displays of student inquiry projects …

  5. rljessen

    Host Edmonton


    I had the pleasure of volunteering at Host Edmonton this weekend. It was a delicious and intimate affair.

    On Friday night I was able to check out the Fine Wine Gala.

    The Fine Wine Gala

    Pork skewers grilled on a salt slab

    It was my first time in the Riverview …

  6. rljessen

    Hilda’s Lefsa


    I was wrong about the Lefsa recipe. It wasn’t Mabel’s recipe I was thinking of, it was Hilda’s. It’s an easy mistake to make, really, the sisters lived one floor apart in Weyburn Saskatchewan for much of my adult life. Visiting my grandma during those years always included Mabel, and …

  7. rljessen

    Animation Mooc Week 2


    The second week of my animation MOOC is over. Yesterday I completed my assignment and handed it in. The only thing I still need to do is peer review (although, because of the way the course is structured I had to say I have already completed the peer review before …

  8. rljessen

    Spring, again


    Sitting on the back deck
    basking the sun

    I feel
    my skin
    the warm rays

    it feels

    I watch the sparrows
    that live in the roof





    at the bread I have left for them
    (hoping as I did so that I was feeding them …

  9. rljessen



    Falling gently,
    steadily all day
    and all night and all day
    for eight long months.

    the snow falls slowly
    corn snow,
    not quite hail

    as it hits the ground
    more forgiving now that it is spring.

    The post Snow appeared first on Rhonda Jessen.com.…

  10. rljessen

    Goings on About Edmonton


    I’ve been busy exploring Edmonton’s art scene for the past few weeks.

    Last Friday Le Fuzz launched their new CD Usona, at the Yellowhead Brewery. Frank, Jason, Dwayne, Chris and Thom put on a great show, as always, and I got a copy of their new CD. Of course all …

  11. rljessen

    Week 1 Animation MOOC


    Last week was the first week of the Animation MOOC that I am taking from Adobe. It was introduction week, with an orientation to the course structure and format, and a few readings and viewings to get us thinking about animation.

    A little too judgemental?

    This week has made me …

  12. rljessen

    TDC 819 Pizza in the Wild


    Today’s Daily Create is Pizza in the Wild. Fortunately Tom called Pizza night tonight and made his famous dough. Here is my vegetarian beauty just before I put it in the oven.

    My pizza before it went in the oven

    And here are the leftovers after dinner.

    The left …

  13. rljessen

    Jasmine’s Twin Famous Five Walk


    Yesterday Jasmine took Tom and I on a great walk through two parks named after the Famous Five and along both sides of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. We started at Henrietta Edwards Park near the Muttart Conservatory and cross the river along the Cloverdale Footbridge.

    Downtown Edmonton from the …

  14. rljessen

    Post Etmooc Twitter Chat about Blogging


    On Tuesday, March 18th, I hosted Post Etmooc‘s Twitter chat about Blogging. As always, it was a great conversation. There were familiar faces, a few I hadn’t seen in a while, and some new participants. I found the time to archive the chat, but it is going to take …

  15. rljessen

    Dawson Park


    Yesterday we discovered Dawson Park, another of Edmonton’s beautiful riverside parks.

    Downtown Edmonton from the Dawson Park Trail

    The girls loved exploring the hoodoos.

    We could see evidence of the Mazama Volcanic eruption in Oregon 7,000 years ago in the exposed cliffs.

    We have a a few more parks to …

  16. rljessen

    Photo Maintenance


    I’ve been catching up on my daily photo project. Not the photos, of course, but the archives. I’ve updated the week of photos on my main Photo page for the first time in a while. I’ve started a page for my Daily Photos for 2014, and made pages for …

  17. rljessen

    TEDx Youth Edmonton


    Yesterday TEDx Youth Edmonton took over the Telus Auditorium at the University of Alberta. Wow! What a group of students.

    Here is the archive of the first set. It starts with a little room set up, you might want to jump to when the event starts at 17:40.

    Here is …

  18. rljessen

    The Flying Canoe Adventure Walk


    Tom and I went for a walk along the Flying Canoe Adventure Walk in Mill Woods Ravine last night. L’Aventure du canoë volant is an annual event but it was the first time we’ve checked it out. The event is a celebration of light, winter and metis tradition. Unfortunately it …

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