1. rljessen

    Enforced Independence


    I have been thinking about ways to create a structure that acts more as support, scaffolding and launching pad than a prison. How can we create a learning environment that can help students learn about learning, their learning, while still meeting the administrivia requirements of the system?Last week in week …

  2. rljessen

    The Deep Freeze Festival


    We had a great time at the Deep Freeze Festival on Alberta Avenue last weekend. It was really warm, much warmer than last year.

    Allez Ouest

    Stilt Walkers

    Ice Dragon

    Ice Bar

    Ice Slide at Dusk

    Icy Ring Toss

    Selfie with Tom

    Tom and Jasmine

    Tom, Jasmine and Paris

    The …

  3. rljessen

    5 Things I Learned This Year


    As the calendar turns from 2013 to 2014 I find myself looking back over all that has happened in the last twelve months. The year has been filled with great experiences. Because I am not teaching in the classroom I don’t have to plan lessons and correct so I have …

  4. rljessen

    Myth Busters Behind the Myths Tour


    Jamie blowing up the audience in Edmonton

    On Friday night Tom and I took four girls to the see the Myth Busters live in Edmonton on their Behind the Myths Tour. It was a fantastic show, aimed at children and families. It was great to see so many children in …

  5. rljessen

    Found it!


    I discovered today!

    It was buried under a pile of paperwork and dirty laundry. Good thing too since we were all worried that we would have to spend the rest of our lives living in the past because those were the only days we could find.

    Now if we could …

  6. rljessen

    DS106 Week 10


    I think that it is a video week. I have continued to play with audio and the Daily Creates.

    3 Ts Radio

    Our radio group had so much fun creating our radio show that we decided to create a Halloween Special for DS106 Radio. We are all very busy …

  7. rljessen

    DS106 Week 9


    I did participate in some DS106 related activity last week, but I didn’t participate in many prescribed #ds106 activities. Good thing it is a cMooc. I didn’t even read the weekly announcement, and I did not do any of the activities related to Stories In/Of The Web.

    Here is …

  8. rljessen



    The Mayor of Jesseson

    The Mayor of Jesseson has declared a new month, the month of Rhonuary which will be inserted to the Gregorian calendar after October 31st, 2013.

    The month of Rhonuary will contain 6 days.

    On the first day of Rhonuary starting Ronuary 1, 2014 and continuing forever …

  9. rljessen

    Martian Sunset


    The sky is never the same on Mars now that we have started terraforming. The light changes throughout the day, and seems to interact with the landscape much more now that the land reconfiguration process is over. Standing in the lab at sunset, watching the thin Martian light refract off …

  10. rljessen

    Should have saved that last wish


    If I had realized that it wasn’t actually my lucky day I would have saved my third wish to make sure that things worked out with the first two. But I didn’t realize that I wasn’t having the best day of my life so when I wished for an end …

  11. rljessen

    Happy Colour Family


    Jasmine was a happy intelligent girl with lots of friends. She met her soulmate in University and shortly after she graduated gave birth to RGB triplets – Ray, George and Brianna. She raised them with the same colour values she had, but she tried to expose them to new models …

  12. rljessen

    DS106 week 8


    Last week was week 8 in Headless #DS106, the second of two an audio two-fer: Audio and the Big Radio show. The rest of my life has been crowding and I haven’t been able to participate in #ds106 as much as I would have liked. I enjoy working with audio, …

  13. rljessen

    It’s Blog Action Day!


    Today is Blog Action Day. The theme this year is Human Rights. Founded in 2007, Blog Action Day brings together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day. Past topics have included Water, Climate Change, Poverty, Food and the …

  14. rljessen

    DS106 week 7


    I didn’t have much time for DS106 in week 7, but I did do three DailyCreates.

    tdc637: This is the 6th day of the 10th month. At 1:06pm create a Happy 106 day message. Send it to someone.
    On October 6th I made a short video. As always it …

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