1. rmcashmore

    Daily Create tdc983: Show us a Feeling!


    These were the instructions for tdc983:

    And this is what I created

    So I started with a feeling, thought about it for “a bit,” created an embodiment of the feeling, and shared in the image(s) above. Do you understand it? What do you think I am showing here? If you …

  2. rmcashmore

    Daily Create


    Instructions for Daily Create 972

    What book would protect you in a protest? September 6, 2014 In a political or social demonstration, you may need to protect yourself from police, guards, or opposing citizens. Design your book bloc shield that projects a message in the form of a book title…
  3. rmcashmore

    Daily Create tdc603 on 7-23-14


    This is my response to the following Daily Create:

    Show us your keychain and tell us a story about the keys and/or things you have on it.

    A TDC classic! We are repeating this from January 2011 (TDC 17) and August 2012 (TDC 233), but it was so good we …

  4. rmcashmore

    Leap of Faith


    Gif this…..

    I don’t really get the appeal of turning a video clip into a gif. Turning still shots into a moving gif, yes, but not the other way around. BUT, it was the first assignment in Unit 2. And I do believe that everything I try and learn to …

  5. rmcashmore

    Daily Create: My First Attempt 6-26-14


    7-14-14 UPDATE

    I made my first Daily Create as a page rather than a post. I am just copying that first attempt, no content changed other than this update note, in as a post so it will show up where my other daily creates show up. I have come so …

  6. rmcashmore

    Daily Create 7-10-14


    Instructions for Daily Create 7-10-14

    Modern Vintage

    Take a photo of something modern and make it look like it is from a very old photo. Get creative, don’t just slap it into black and white or through in a cheesy sepia filter. How can you compose the image to make …

  7. rmcashmore

    Daily Create 7-7-14


    Instructions for this Daily Create: Your life in a sentence, take a photo post to flickr.

    “Starting from a seed that contained the potential of all I could be, my roots have grown deep and twisted, the unchangeable foundation of the person I am, and like a tree, I continue …

  8. rmcashmore

    Daily Create 6-29-14


    Instructions for Daily Create 6-29-14

    “Self Portrait, Flashing a Peace Sign, Bonus for Hippie Aura…Upload your photo to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc903.”

    Hopefully that is what I have done!


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