1. @Rocz3D

    Fan-tastic Fiction


    I have only a passing familiarity with fan fiction. It’s one of those things that I didn’t follow or read and instead discounting the ……

  2. @Rocz3D

    Learning to Find Your Voice


    This week’s reading: Developing Voice in Digital Storytelling Through Creativity, Narrative and Multimodality by Monica Nilsson discussed the ability for digital storytelling to encourage ……

  3. @Rocz3D

    “Emergent” Social Learning


    The following response is based on: Social Learning, “push” and “pull”, and Building Platforms for Collaborative Learning by Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel. When ……

  4. @Rocz3D

    Imaginings of a Space Hobo


    For this ds106 Assignment Bank project, I chose to tackle one titles Hobo Speech. The project description was to create a “bizarre, rambling speech” ……

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