1. rosannasingh

    A New Era With Social Media And Personal Branding


    Social networking has been and is currently becoming more of an essential and influential factor in our everyday lives. It impacts our both our personal and professional life as we go about our activities on a daily basis. Media on the whole infiltrates almost every aspect of our lives. Today …

  2. rosannasingh

    What Public Archiving Habits Might You Develop?


    I haven’t exactly tried much public archiving, I would say I am quite an old school person who tends to stick with thumb drives to store information. I know it seems like quite an ancient mechanism to when it comes to storing information and archiving, however, like mentioned earlier, I …

  3. rosannasingh

    Can Personal Collections Become Public Archives?


    I read the “Personal Collections Become Public Archives” and it was quite realistic and something that some people can relate to, and of course that depends on your age or which era you are from. Earlier in the 90’s I personally was one of those persons who would get up …

  4. rosannasingh

    Digital Journalism- Excerpts from the Columbia Graduate School


    As I was reading about Digital Journalism: Excerpts from the Columbia Graduate School: “The Story So Far, What We Know About the Business of Digital Journalism” I figured it was very interesting and educating at the same time. Digital journalism also known as online journalism is a contemporary form of journalism where editorial …

  5. rosannasingh

    Are Smart Phones The New News Gathering Tools?


    After listening to a BBC podcast about producing news reports using mobile phones it gave me a lot of perspectives about how media is taking a whole new approach with just the use of a smart phone. For instance the BBC started issuing IPhones to its journalists for news gathering …

  6. rosannasingh

    There Are Many Approaches to Journalism.


      Journalism has taken many different approaches, and international reporting is a very essential and crucial aspect of journalism. York College recently had a seminar about international reporting, which makes up a large chunk of the news.  As long as the idea of media goes back, international reporting has been …

  7. rosannasingh

    Business And Law Reporting, a Global Phenomenon!


    In the world of journalism there are many aspects that can be taken into account when you are reporting stories. Business and law reporting are two main types of stories that are covered on a daily basis by journalists globally. The business journalist or reporter covers in-depth reports about the …

  8. rosannasingh

    Is Facebook Changing Journalism Consumption?


    After reading the New York Times’ piece on “How Facebook Is Changing the Way Its Users Consume Journalism” and taking it into consideration, it occurred to me that traditional news is really taking a lot of competition from social media and news feed engines.             …

  9. rosannasingh

    Aaron Swartz Is A Prominent Example For All


    Watching the portrait documentary of Aaron Swartz, The Internet’s Own Boy was a great moment for me, which gave me a good sense of insights as of how the world works. Swartz was a prodigy web developer that participated in some seminal web projects – RSS, Creative Commons licensing, and Reddit. …

  10. rosannasingh

    Oprah Winfrey Is Inspirational For One And All


    For many years Oprah Winfrey has been an inspirational person not just to me but for many people around the world. The sixty-year-old Oprah Winfrey is an America media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. She is best known for her multi-winning-award talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show which was …

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