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    New goals for this semester


    I am really excited and so far I am really enjoying all of my classes so far, I really haven’t my job last semester as well as the semester before that, I really hope and wish to take new approaches and steps in order to excel in all of my …

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    Remarks on Charlottesville and Barcelona attack!


    In August 12th a rally was scheduled called the “Unite the Right rally to protest against the removal of Confederate icon General Robert E. Lee, and the day before there was marchers that were carrying torches, and yelling “white lives matter, and “blood and soil, and again there was protesters …

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    Sadat’s Restaurant



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    About me page


    Hi, my name is Sadat Rahman and I am currently a sophomore who is in my second semester, in the first day of this class i was so nervous and really didn’t know what to expect from this class, and now it is already almost halfway through the semester, i …

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    Coffee Review


    Not a lot of people don’t know, that I really love drinking coffee and tea on a daily basis, rather than buying coffee from my school, I can stop by a Chinese bakery near me that sells awesome coffee, I used to drink coffee from Dun-kin Donuts, but now I …

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    “Ignorance and prejudice are the handmaidens of propaganda. Our mission, therefore, is to confront ignorance with knowledge, bigotry with tolerance, and isolation with the outstretched hand of generosity. Racism can, will, and must be defeated.”


    While watching this movie, I felt that I can relate somehow to Malik Williams in the sense that I being born as a   Muslim American is very tough especially living in the United States where so many people believe in everything that the media portrays and some people are so …

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    English 126 Reflection


    When  I  first  had this class,  I  really  had  great expectations and things I didn’t get to do as much in  English  125.  As  I  am  coming closer to  the end of  my  semester as  a  freshman, I  will  try to  keep in  mind  when we were assigned  variety of …

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    Donald Trump’s hate for America


    How can we have and elect such a president who is always saying whatever he feels like on Twitter, who is always spreads hateful comments on people, groups, and organizations,  there has been over 700 hate crimes already within the first two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency. Society and media …

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    Sadat’s blog 2017-07-01 11:44:01


        Police work is very dangerous and sometimes they are put into situations where excessive force is needed. But it often goes to a level where there is too much force used and it seems to often target African Americans in particular. This topic should really be looked upon by …

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    Bilal’s Stand, What an inspiring movie


    After viewing this film, I was reflecting on my childhood life, on the impact that my family has made on my life, they always supported me and helped me in any possible way. When I one day finish my education and pursue in the career that makes me and everyone …

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    A story based on family traditions and values


      In Shirley Jackson’s story  “ The Lottery” the story illustrates the purpose of family traditions, how it should be important in a social community. In  “The Lottery” the elder that takes part in the village tries to maintain order and stability in order to keep traditions and values alive, …

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    About Me.


    All my life, I  always faced some type of situation and always tried to overcome them. People always say who do you look up to and who do you want to be like? Well my answer to that question is that I want to be just like my parents. I …

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    My college experience in York College


        When I first got accepted to  York College by the  Seek  Program, I was happy to be a part of the SEEK family as a student with so many benefits that SEEK program has to offer that no other school has to offer the same benefits. What was ironic …

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    The future of New York Knicks


    Yesterday as everyone heard, Phil Jackson who was the GM of New York Knicks got fired by James Dolan who is the owner of the team. This is really the first step in making the team even better and stronger as when Phil Jackson was there. Yesterday I think I …

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    I am so excited for the New York Yankees Future


    Hey sports fan, like I mentioned before, I follow and like sports like baseball, basketball, and football. I don’t know if everyone knows, that I always been a New York Yankees fan ever since Derek Jeter played for the Yankees from 1995 to 2014 when he retired. I am really …

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    Why dont I know what I want to do with my life


    I  really cant seem to understand why I still don’t know what job I want to have when I am done with college and graduate school, my parents and brothers already knew from the start of what their passion and what is it that will really make them happy for …

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    Disastrous health care bill


    Today in 2017, the only issues our current president only cares about is healthcare and travel ban, healthcare is a right for all Americans rather than the way Republicans call it a privilege. With the current healthcare plan being passed, millions of Americans, a few days ago, the Congressional Budget …

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    Bernie Sanders is the Future of America


    And he acted. Against the ferocious opposition of the ruling class of his day, people he called economic royalists, Roosevelt implemented a series of programs that put millions of people back to work, took them out of poverty and restored their faith in government. He redefined the relationship of the …

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    The future of American people


    We really need a leader (president, governor, mayor) who really represents our values, hopes, dreams, for America, not a leader like we have now who is full of hatred to many groups, and undermine things are very important to us like health care, the Republicans as of right now are …

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    Lets not be divided as Americans


    I really hope after everything that has been happening after Donald Trump being the next president of the United States, that we all as Americans stay united, not let politicians, political parties, and media divide us as a whole.  This really was the worst year to come as of yet …

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    Todays top headlines


    Hi, everyone, let’s see what happening in today’s headlines. According to NY Daily News,  Rep. Adam Schiff says Trump wants to ‘take down’ Robert Mueller as new doubts arise over Russia probe. In another article, the headline was U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Saturday that the recent shooting at …

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    Happy Fathers Day to my awesome dad


    Ever since I was a little child, I always liked and always respected my parents as well as my brothers. I am so happy and feel to be very lucky to have the best parents in the whole world, I and my brothers turned out to be very well raised …

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    NFL DRAFT 2017


    Every year, I always enjoy watching the drafts for NFL, MLB, and NBA, to be honest, I really dont know like half of the players being drafted, I just watch it so my team, NYG can get good players every year. I feel what the NYG’s are doing are a …

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    I really enjoyed this class a lot.


    Ever since the first day of class, I was so excited in knowing what we were going to learn and work on during the semester. I am really looking forward to taking more CT classes, so I can learn more things all these things that we learn will be very …

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    Saying Bye bye to CT 101 website


    This few days will be the last time I will be using this website to post anything related to media, and whatever everyone does these days during social media. From now on, I will be be posting everything to http://sadatrahman.com/ I hope everyone gets to see all the great things …

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    My reaction to last Tuesday’s class


    I am so happy that finally with Professor’s Seslow’s Help, I was able to make my own website, picking my own and unique domain, and getting a Web hosting Account. I have always tried to create my own website even before this class, and it really didnt go so well …

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