1. @samprice_ds106

    Contradiction Creation


    For my next assignment bank for this week, I chose to do one from the design assignments. I chose one where I had to find an inspirational background and then put an anti-motivational quote on top of it. I chose this one because honestly, I thought it was super …

  2. @samprice_ds106

    Concert You Want to Be At


    For this assignment bank, I chose to do one of the visual assignments. The instructions for this challenge was to photoshop yourself into a concert you’ve always wanted to attend. I chose to “attend” an Elton John concert. Not only do I really enjoy his music, he also went …

  3. @samprice_ds106

    Week One Summary


    After this week, I am very excited for this class. Social media is something that I think I would like to do for a future job (as in manage social media accounts for whatever company I work for) so I am interested to see how I do with my social …

  4. @samprice_ds106

    What Do the 80’s Mean to Us Today?


    When I heard that our theme for the class was going to be 80s themed, I got very excited. I love the 80s (I have been someone from the 80s for as many Halloweens as I can remember). My mom grew up in the 80s and she always tell my …

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