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    Technological Twins


    Once upon a time, there were two twins named Larry and Sam. Larry loves all sorts of technologies, including computers, TVs, phones and smartwatches! Sam, on the other hand, appreciates technologies, but is not madly in love with them.

    Devices that Larry owns

    Larry lives his life on the bleeding-edge. …

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    Fast Food of Death


    Here is the original assignment.

    Step 1 – Acquiring Two Images

    To combine two images together, you first must have two images. Find two images that would overlay well together from an online source or from your personal media collection. Below are the two images I acquired.

    Blue Screen…
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    Emo Bucket List


    Here is the original assignment.

    If I were emo, I would do emo things. If I were anyone, I would have a bucket list. Combining the fact that I am emo, and am anyone, I will have a bucket list to complete emo tasks.

    Convince the President to get…
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    Shining Gump


    Here is the original assignment.

    Movies have created lasting impressions of us. Some scenes are iconic, while others are forgettable. Movies sometimes cross paths, such as when the topic is of a war or humanitarian effort; otherwise, each movie is in a world of its own.

    Forrest Gump is …

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    Don’t Sweat It


    Here is the original assignment.

    Our lives are full of stress: deadlines are always approaching, and work still needs to be done.  We feel obligated to complete what we’ve committed too, or else we’d feel terrible having broken that commitment.

    We’ve all felt stress before. The rationale is usually …

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    Utada Mania


    Here is the original assignment.

    Utada Hikaru is an international pop artist who has greatly influenced my life. I was first exposed to her music when I had played the popular video game Kingdom Hearts. This game featured the song “Simple and Clean”, which was an English rendition of …

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    Radio Show Evaluations

    Whacky History

    This week, I reviewed ‘Whacky History’, a radio show made by members of DS106. The show was a combination of several informational segments with commercials and bumpers, all having to do somewhat with history. The show managed to capture my attention and it wasn’t hard to listen too, …

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    Chad Koder


    Here is the original assignment.

    What a cool guy, Chad Koder.

    The man who was born knowing how to develop software. He had never spent a day at school; rather, he spent his time researching online.

    He is trying to leave Google to work someplace else; his friends and …

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    Dream Vacation


    Here is the original assignment.

    Oh, vacation. How infrequent this word is spoken. Everyone else seems to be on an eternal vacation while we are working away. If time could stop for a moment, I would go on such a wondrous journey.

    First, I would travel to very remote …

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    Here is the original assignment.

    Have you ever been fooled by a fake website? Did the site look just like the website you were intending to visit? It’s not hard to modify a website in subtle ways as to maintain it’s appearance yet change its message.

    I modified the …

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    Here is the original assignment.

    What does it mean to lead? How can one inspire?

    Steve Jobs holding an iPhone

    Steve Jobs had what it took to convince the world that computers were essential to the home experience. He never became complacent, rather he pursued ongoing perfection of human-computer …

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    Zimmerman Services Commerical


    Here is the original assignment.

    Commercials market services to potential customers. They are strategically placed between television shows and online videos. They are often short and catchy to influence the greatest number of people. 

    I created a radio commercial of Zimmerman Services, a company that markets technological solutions to …

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    Digital Story Fellers Bumper


    Our show resembles the National Public Radio show, in that our show is divided into segments that talk about various topics. In our current show, we tell news, sports, music, and positive stories. Our transitions between segments have a bit of rock and blues, as we felt our name carried …

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    Flavor of Life


    Songs empower us as people. They brighten our days, and allow us to find peace.

    Have you ever tried slowing a song down? It turns out, when you slow a song down by about 800%, the song itself becomes an ambiance that is art in itself.

    One of my favorite …

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    Here is the original assignment.

    Since my last name is Zimmerman, I thought I’d use that name inside my logo.

    The design is minimal, using only 2 colors, 3 basic shapes, and text. It is unclear what kind of services this person might provide. One might infer he works …

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    The Vignelli Canon


    Here is a link to The Vignelli Canon.

    This book explains design from a life’s worth of experience.

    Design is broken down into three core components: the syntax, semantics, and pragmatism. In order to craft a magnificent work, a deep understanding of all three is required. Syntax is the …

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    Where is Mike Jones?


    There has been evidence that famous rapper Mike Jones has run away from his friends and family. Our investigation team is on the lookout for clues to help locate the man. Here is the current suspect board, people and things that might indicate where to find Mike Jones.

    The team …

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    Read, set, design blitz!


    The green of the grasses and plants is all-encompassing. A bird’s eye view of an otherwise boring image. The prominence of a base color is what stands out in this photo.


    My neighbor’s house. A completely yellow house, with one side window. They can peer out into the …

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