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    Proposal Report (Student Example by Shelby Taylor)

    Proposal for a Tumble of the Nursing Staff at  Oregon State Hospital

    DATE: May 19, 2016

    TO: Lindsey Sande (Assistant Director), Mike Soaper (Director of Nursing)

    FROM: Shelby Taylor (MHTT)

    SUBJECT: Proposal for Staffing


    The year of 2016 has brought many changes to Oregon State Hospital (OSH) and opened …

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    Proposal Report (Student Example by Meredith Blair)

    Proposal Report: Purchasing Scrub Tops for Hospital


    TO: Mary Johnson, Uniform Supervisor of Hospital

    FROM: Meredith Blair, Registered Nurse at Hospital

    DATE: May 22, 2016

    SUBJECT: Proposal to Purchase New Scrub Tops for Hospital

    Mrs. Johnson,

    I am writing in response to the RFP you published in the April …

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    Progress Report (Student Example Amanda Zarate)



    To:    Sandy Brown Jensen

    From: Amanda Zarate

    Date: May 29, 2016

    Subject: Progress Report

    Apple iMac Desktop Computer (Source: newegg.com) Introduction

    This progress report is to inform you of my current status concerning my proposal assignment. I have chosen to use my feasibility report that involved choosing which …

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    Progress Report (Student Example from Shelby Taylor)

    The official logo of Oregon State Hospital which emphasizes three goals of OSH: Hope, Safety, and Recovery. INTRODUCTION

    In my report I am proposing a restructure of the staffing at Oregon State Hospital due to Senate Bill #469. This bill is requiring nursing staff to work shifts no longer than …

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    Feasibility Report (Student Example, Mere Blair)

    Feasibility Report: Medical Scrub Top Purchase Cost, Durability, and Functionality

    By Meredith Blair on May 15, 2016


    TO: Hospital Administrators and Budget Office

    FROM: Meredith Blair, Medical Scrub Purchasing Advisor

    DATE: May 15, 2016

    SUBJECT: Feasibility Report for Medical Scrub Top Purchase

    As requested by the Hospital Administrators, I …

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    One Point Per Slide Challenge



    I find that many of my students are anxious to get all their information into their persuasive presentation. However, that info can go into the notes. What’s on the screen is just to give the audience something interesting to look at while you fill out the fascinating details. (Image:…
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    User Test Report from Ryujiro Yoshioka

    This blog post is a User Test Report from an ESL student who did a great job using feedback from his peers to improve both his instructions and his editing.

    To: Sandy Brown Jensen, Writing 227 Instructor LCC

    From: Ryujiro Yoshioka

    Date: 23th April, 2016

    Subject: User Test Report


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    User Test Report by Amanda Zarate (student example)

    Note from Instructor Sandy Brown Jensen: In this image, an owner of a Samsung Galaxy does a User Test for waterproofing (HINT: It didn’t work). User Testing of Instructions is essential at multiple stages of your project. In this post, Technical Writing student Amanda Zarate demonstrates how to use user…
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    Epic Road Trip 2016

    Other Ways of Being in This World: A Day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Our crazy so-called vacation in now over a week longer than we had planned, but really, it’ could be worse! I can sit in my hotel room morning and night and check in with my students. …

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    How Do I Embed a Google Doc on my Edu Blog?


    So you decided you want to embed a Google Doc on your Edublog–congratulations! You are (probably) going to have a first lesson in altering code! I imagine the first thing you did was do a search for “how to embed a Google Doc on my Edu Blog.” (At least, that’s …

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    How to Use Tech Talk Online Magazine


    When you click on the “Home” page link of my blog, this is what you see (see Fig. 1 below).

    ACROSS THE TOP: Those are pages and include the Class Calendar, which I am always working on, the Syllabus, and our Textbook. These “Pages” are repeated at the bottom on …

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    Writing Circle #2


    For this activity, you will give feedback on Blog post #2 to the people in your group. This feedback will be left as a comment on their blog. It should not just be “atta-boy” type comments.

    You should be complimenting people , for example, on the inclusion of images. You…
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    Turning Tech, A Difficult Journey


    Last summer, I taught digital storytelling at a hot shot National conference on tech here at Lane CC. Teachers came from all over the US to learn about teaching with tech–but this was an ADVANCED group who were supposed to already have a strong tech background. But as I discover …

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    Aargh! Tech Frustrations of My Own!

    “I smile to hide how completely overwhelmed I am!”

    I’ve been getting e-mails from students saying things like, “I’m near tears,” or “I’m so confused!” And I try to calm everyone down and move forward.

    Then this morning I was working on the class Calendar using dates from my iPad …

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    Welcome to Spring Term!

    March Madness!

    Hello, WR 227 class!

    Today is Tuesday, and I am answering lots of e-mails and Moodle messages from students setting their blogs and connecting theirs to mine. Just a reminder that all those instructions are on Moodle in the welcome block below my welcome video but before you …

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    Graded Introductory Blog Post Assignmen

    DEADLINE: Sunday April 2, midnight

    On your Eu-blog, leave an introduction of yourself. Focus especially on how you think Technical Writing will be useful in your upcoming education, college major, and possible career fields.

    In this class, “I don’t know” is never good enough, as that is why Google was …

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    How Do I Write a Good Comment?


    In the video above, kids a lot younger than any of us give good advice!

    Posting comments on blog posts you read is considered internet courtesy. Here are some tips:

    Compliment the writer in a specific way on the content of the post you read. Ask a question and/or add…
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    Blogging Safety Guidelines


    Shamelessly and thankfully copied from Brilliant Muskie Blog

    Staying safe online is not just for kids–it’s for all of us hotshot adults, too! Blogging Safety Guidelines

    1. Treat the “Edublog  spaces” as “classroom spaces” — use appropriate language and be sure that anything you write you are proud of and …

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