1. sangyekhandro7

    Thank You CT 101

    As seamster is approached near the end which means is CT101  class is near the end too. Which makes me I don’t want to depart from this class because so far this class is one of my favorite class. Moreover, from this class, I learned lots of new things by…
  2. sangyekhandro7

    Exploring one of my favorite website



    In today’s class, we are doing on a great assignment that we have the opportunity to explore or discovered websites done by our classmates. I felt pleasure to do this assignment because it actually gives a chance to see lots of great works done by different people on different …

  3. sangyekhandro7

    Vapor wave


    I actually love doing this assignment even though it a little bit complicated. I like to challenge myself so, I will put mine all energy to something I like to do. I wish in the future I can create like this more to express my ideas and feelings towards others …

  4. sangyekhandro7

    GIF the Portrait


    In today’s class, we using photoshop to created gif which is the most fun thing to do. In this assignment first, we needed to choose one of the famous people in the world who inspires you. So, I chose Selena Gomez because she is most Inspirational and kind hearted women …

  5. sangyekhandro7

    Vintage Poster


    When I was young I always dream to travel around the world because I like to explore different cultures. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do in life. So far I travel to five countries already but, still, I wanted to travel more.

    In today’s class, we are …

  6. sangyekhandro7

    Making my own Domain


    In today’s class, we learned how to created our own domain. In this website, I will be posting my lots of different themes or subjects since I like lots of things that make me happy and other people around me. So, I won’t be posting anything one theme or subject. …

  7. sangyekhandro7

    Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling


    In my opinion, till now I been learning so many new things in this few past classes about the media. Moreover, I am still excited to learn more new things throughout the semester because I love anything related to technology especially when I learn something that I never have seen …

  8. sangyekhandro7

    Are memes art?


    Yes, I think memes are art because based on the definition it says that arts are created by human beings by using their own skill. Even though words and sentence have issues of grammar and spellings.In my opinion, sometimes memes are arts if you created the picture without copy from …

  9. sangyekhandro7

    First day of the class


    When I first heard that college is offering CT classes I was so excited about taking the class even though it does require to my major. I am taking this class because I love anything related to technology and anything to do with technology. Moreover, I always love to learn …

  10. sangyekhandro7

    What makes me happy?


    One thing that makes me happy from internet was to listening different kinds of music because when I am tried and stress out music can only give me the peaceful mind and relaxation. When I grew farther into music I really like music with original soundtracks because music accompanying and …

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