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    In and Out of Tune


    I can hear the floor boards above me creaking, dust floats down in and out of the golden streams of sunlight beaming through cracks in the rotting wooden ceiling. Someone has pulled the door open and is walking down the stairs. I can’t help but feel a tinge of hope, …

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    Your Room is a Mess


    Activity Time Lapse-Make a time lapse video of yourself doing a task.

    The Story Behind the Story-

    When I was in elementary school, we were often given an assignment in which we had to come up with an idea for an invention, something not necessarily practical but definitely useful.…
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    Summer Camp Matters


    Self Documentary-Make a mini documentary about something in your life.

    The Story Behind the Story-

    When I first got my job as a summer camp counselor, I was worried about a few things. First of all, I don’t like kids. Even as a kid I didn’t really like kids. …

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    A Triple Take on American Psycho


    Visual Only-

    The opening is simply a shot of the man sitting on a chair, there is little action occurring but the scene is well balanced. Everything seems simplified and clean, from the mans sharp outfit to the empty bottle and unopened cigar on either side of the man. Although …

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    Perspective, Perspectives


    Film is a great medium to venture through on the course of education. The greatest learning occurs when we are active and engaged, film has a huge potential to instill this in viewers. Hitting every sense simultaneously, we cannot help but be engulfed in what we are seeing. Visual imagery …

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    Emotions Through Sound-Tryto convey a certain emotion by combining sound effects

    Maybe it’s cliché that I chose to replicate happiness through the sounds of nature. But I thought for a very long time about what sounds make me happy, and they are the sounds of being outdoors. The sounds that …

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    Listen Up


    As tempted as I was to listen to an episode of RadioLab for this blog assignment, I opted for “I Was Just Trying to Help,” an episode of  This American Life. Although I’m very familiar with Ira Glass’s voice, I’ve never quite felt the intrigue to listen to …

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    Putting the Day-to-Day on Shuffle


    The Story Behind the Story

    Routine is something we desire, it is an evolutionarily-sculpted advantage. We can organize our daily lives into sequence and let the hands on the clock take hold of our own and guide us. Usually I dread but accept these routines, as they are pervasive. I …

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    Create Sound not Noise


    There is a lot of depth to the sound bits in any RadioLab episodes, as can be heard in this compilation. Behind dialogue, there are many sound effects that set the stage. They are more than simply ambient sounds, these are purposeful nudges from the creators that steer you …

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    Radio Isn’t Dead


    My bed isn’t like the one in the front room. My bed sits on a metal frame with tiny plastic wheels that carve into the pale blue carpet of my shared bedroom that faces the backyard. Breezes drift through my open window, carrying the fresh scent of young green leaves …

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    Beware of the Failed Franchise


    WARNING-create a warning poster for a fictional hazard.

    The Story Behind the Story-

    You would think, that after six films, that if the characters did not adapt to be able to more intelligently navigate a world overrun with horrifying aliens, then at least the creators of these abominations would find …

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