1. scooter

    What’s Your Skill?


    Well I cheated this week and could have gone for eating chocolate or drinking beer as skills I have cultivated over the years, but decided to go for Melody Spoon Playing. This strikes me as a valuable skill that all DS106-ers should be able to master. It is worth a …

  2. scooter

    DS106 Round Up – Stuff So Far!

    DS106 Round UP

    I was just wondering what I did with my life before DS106.

    “Cleaning” my other-half kindly said.
    “A great deal more than that” I confessed, “shopping, washing, dog walking….”

    On one end of the spectrum DS106 is a lovely way to fill in the odd five minutes, …

  3. scooter

    Radio debut of “Who threw that custard”?


    DS106 WEEK 3

    I suppose I’ve just got more carried away with DS106 and CREATING stuff, that I’ve forgotten to THINK and WRITE about it. I should make amends this week with an epic double challenge –  not only getting my head around more new technology to create things, but …

  4. scooter

    Down at the old animated gif. Gif. Gif.


    Come, come, come and make eyes at me
    Down at the Old Animated Gif.
    (Da da da da da).
    Come, come, drink some port wine with me
    Down at the Old Animated Gif.

    OK – I’ve no idea why WP has compressed it….done Insert Media, selected full sized image, saved …

  5. scooter

    This week the sofa, next week your leg


    Well here goes as I tackle my first DS106 assignment. I don’t know what I’m doing at all which isn’t unusual for things, but it seems good fun. The assignment is called “Cartoonize your pet”. I am going to CARTOONIZE a picture of my pet SPIKE!

    I’m not sure what …

  6. scooter

    Hello from SCOOTER


    Viv in Vegas!

    I’m Viv. I like playing the saxophone and eating wine gums, and welcome to my BLOG. My DS106 page is part of SCOOTER – an open education project supporting sickle cell disease education and awareness. What I submit to my DS106 pages may be irrelevant to the …

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