1. @sdwashburn

    Photo Safari: Beach Edition

    Time I started! Purple Domination Shadow I found interesting Possible Future? Angle Out of the Ordinary Shine Bright! Toes in the Sand Book Coming to Life Horizon Meets the Sky Pair or No? Repetition is Key Some Motion New View All Smiles Can You Tell What It Is? Metaphorical Waves…
  2. @sdwashburn

    An Overall of the First Week, Halfway Through.


    This is a specific post about how I feel about how the first half of the first week is going. My brain works best when I can organize things into specific categories. Although I have answered some of the questions I am about to discuss, I felt the need to …

  3. @sdwashburn

    The Struggle is Real


    Trying to set up my Domain and Social Media took a lot longer than expected to. I thought already having an established domain would make my life much easier. But, I was proved wrong. I couldn’t use the blog I had already created because the class I used it for …

  4. @sdwashburn

    Midweek Summary


    This class is much different than I thought but in a good way. I feel like I did okay on the requirements for the week. I think I completed the requirements for the week, I tried to combine steps with each other in a way that made sense in my …

  5. @sdwashburn

    Welcome to My Blog!


    So far, this has been a journey. I had created a website for another class, so I had the original website created. But, the fun part was trying to figure out how to connect WordPress to it. Even though I am in college and should be part of the “tech-savy” …

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