1. Sematos

    CT 101 Propaganda


    Here is my submission for the CT101 Propaganda poster! Very much like our vaporwave assignment I used the same resources and tools. First I picked transparent image of an older looking computer which I then edited in Photoshop using the posturize tool to give it a simplified pixilated look, then …

  2. Sematos

    Evil Boy


    This is Otto! He is an oni, which is a supernatural demon in Japanese folklore. Otto behaves like a vulgar, selfish child. He is irrational, crude, and shows absolutely no remorse for his words/actions. He is my own original character which I hope to create into my own comic someday… …

  3. Sematos



    Here is my first attempt at creating vaporwave art! I loved working with the neon colors as well as combining geometric shapes along with organic feel of the flowers and sculptures. I pulled an array of vaporware aesthetic transparent photos online and pieced them together in Photoshop in a manner …

  4. Sematos

    I Can’t Decide


    One aspect of this class I found incredibly exciting is that we would soon make our own website! I am an artist and I’ve wanted to make my own space for a while now to share my work. One problem I’ve struggled with for sometime is deciding on a name …

  5. Sematos

    Frida Kahlo Portrait


    Frida Kahlo is a surrealist Mexican artist that has inspired me since I was young. She had such an iconic and unique look, which I felt would make an interesting portrait to GIF.

    In Photoshop I used the clone stamp tool to paint in the third eye. I then used …

  6. Sematos

    Panoramic Fails and Wins.


    Since I practically live at work, I decided to attempt my panoramic photo with my coworkers! I initially thought this would be incredibly easy however I quickly realized it was horribly wrong. Capturing the perfect photo, without someone moving too quick or a customer walking into the frame was difficult. …

  7. Sematos



    I love more odd and ambiguous memes, especially ones which refer back to video games and other popular media that I’m interested in. One of my favorite memes at the moment is this distorted image of the character Vault Boy from the Fallout series. I felt this meme perfectly captured …

  8. Sematos

    My First GIFs


    I always promise myself I will be diligent with my work, study often and get adequate sleep at the beginning of the semester. This GIF of All Might from My Hero Academia perfectly sums up me at the beginning of the semester vs me a week in.

    If you’ve read …

  9. Sematos

    h3h3 Makes Me Happy!


    h3h3 is one of my all-time favorite YouTube channels! This channel is produced by the power couple Ethan and Hila Klein. I’ve been watching their channel for many years and I’ve fallen in love with their unique personalities and hilarious videos. Their content consist of reaction videos and satire comedy …

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