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    Weeks 12 & 13: Welcome to the Case Files



    This week we’ll be taking a big turn in ds106, with each agency being assigned a case to investigate over the next two weeks. You’ll have to gather evidence, build a narrative, and share your progress. Don’t wait until the end; cases should be evolving and developing regularly between …

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    Week Eleven Summary


    This week was all about developing our agency. Lena Meyers and I teamed up to make our news agency “Headline Crime.” We made a website for Headline Crime so that we can keep up with all of the latest crime and share our findings with the public. We included a …

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    Umbrella In The Sun


    For today’s daily create I had to take an umbrella photograph. I decided to take a picture of this umbrella on a sunny day so that the light goes through the material of the umbrella and illuminates it. I used my phone to take this picture.…

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    Napoleon and Noddy


    For today’s daily create I had to save Noddy and get him out of the trash. Naturally I decided to sit him next to Napoleon Dynamite. Even though this might not be the best place for him, I thought it would be better then leaving him in the trash. Hopefully …

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    Agencies to Watch Out For


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/storify-it/ (Two Stars)


    For this assignment I had to use the tool “Storify” to assemble text and elements from social media. I used pictures form other people’s websites to create this post. This is Headline Crime’s first report, it shows some of the upcoming agencies and the type of …

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    Our Steller Story



    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/tell-a-stellar-story/ (Three and a Half Stars)

    For this assignment I had to use the app “Steller” to make a story that includes pictures. I told a story that advertises “Headline Crime,” our news agency. It shows more of what the agency does.  I chose a black and white theme …

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    Introducing…..Headline Crime!


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/website-logo/ (Three Stars)

    Headline Crime! The news agency that brings you all current crime stories! Lena Meyers and I pair up for the launch of this agency. There has been an abundance of crime lately and the public deserves to know what’s going on. We bring you all the latest …

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    Week 11: Dark Web


    3/3/15 – 4/5/15



    This week you all will be required to build out a web presence for your respective agencies . This entails creating the “dark web,” as it were, for Noir 106. While you can do this individually over the next few weeks, it will be far …

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    Week Ten Summary


    This week was all about videos. First I had to do 15 stars of video assignments because I chose to work independently last week. This was a lot of work, but I chose to do three assignments that were worth four stars so I didn’t have to make as many …

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    What’ll It Be?


    For the final unit I decided to work with one other person. Lena Meyers and I decided to work together, we wanted to keep our group small. This will make it easier to work around our schedules. Hopefully whatever the project is turns out well!…

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    Art Damnit!


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/the-make-art-damnit-interview/ (Two Stars)

    For this assignment I had to interview someone and ask them “why make art damnit?” I decided to interview my co-owner Liam because he is into art stuff. He sees many different uses for art and why it is important. I decided to ask him because I …

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    Dakota’s Wish


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/5-second-film/ (four and a half stars)

    For this assignment I had to make a five second film. I decided to make it funny and use my dog Dakota again. I dressed her up in my clothes like she was trying to be me and then made the sign to go …

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    DS106 Interview


    For this interview I used a combination of the professor’s and Black’s questions to use. I think it was a good way to let people know more about myself and who I am. Hopefully my wife doesn’t see this or she might get a little jealous of Lena. Another reason …

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    Surviving an Angry Customer


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/survival-video/ (four and a half stars)

    For this assignment I had to make a video of how to survive something. I made a video on how to survive an angry customer because that can be a big problem sometimes in the hotel business. Over time you get used to people …

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    Dakota’s Tricks


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/30-second-documentary/ (four and a half stars)

    For this assignment I had to make a 30 second documentary. I chose to show the tricks that my wife Jane taught our dog Dakota. She taught Dakota to come on cue, sit, lay down, roll over, speak, and shake. We consider Dakota a …

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    Take The Plunge


    For today’s daily create I had to make an inspirational poster using a phrase that I have said. I decided to use the phrase “Take The Plunge,” and use a picture of myself doing a backflip off of a bridge into the water. This quote basically means that you should …

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    15 Second Batman


    For today’s daily create I had to draw Batman in 15 seconds. This is what I came up with. I got his mask and his cape and attempted the bat symbol on his chest. This shows me that I have kind of internalized the basic shape of Batman. Which is …

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    Breakfast Selfie


    For today’s daily create I had to make a selfie out of breakfast foods. I chose to use an English muffin as the face, Honeycombs as the eyes, granola for the nose, and almonds for the smile. These foods don’t really go together but they are components of some of …

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    Week 10: Finishing Video and “Changing Over”





    Finish Your Video Work Option 1

    If you chose to not work in a group last week, your job is to complete 15 stars of video assignments this week, all of which should reflect your character in some way.

    Option 2

    If you’re working in a group, …

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    Week Nine Summary


    This week was really challenging for me because I had never used any movie making software before. But to start the week off I got to listen to more radio shows which was really cool to hear. I listened to NOIR At Night, and Silk Road. NOIR at night was …

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    Analyzing “Kiss Me, Deadly”


    This assignment shows the elements I learned from the videos about film making and the reading “How to Read a Movie.” I watched the movie “Kiss Me, Deadly,” and in this video I use some of the elements I learned to analyze a scene where Mr. Hammar is being followed …

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    Lena’s Memory of Scott


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/recording-a-memory/ (Two Stars)

    For this assignment I had to take a video of someone recounting a memory. I chose to video Lena Meyers talking about her memory of going to see Scott and meet his family in Scott’s hometown. She met with Scott to follow up with him after the …

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    Scott’s Visit to El Jota’s Night Club



    (Three Stars)

    For this assignment I had to tell a story using flashcards. I decided to have Scott tell the story of when he and his co-owner Liam visited El Jota’s night club. To make this video I wrote the flashcards and then recorded myself holding them up. Once …

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    Viral Video Re-enactment


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/viral-video-re-enactment/ (Three and a Half Stars)

    For this assignment I had to find a viral video and re-enact it. I chose to re-enact the “Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow 1-8-10″ video. This video went viral because the guy is overreacting to the double rainbow and starts crying. I thought it would …

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    Blur Photo


    For todays daily create we had to take an artsy blurry photo. I chose to take a picture of our tapestry, I then had to figure out how to make it blurry. To make this shot I stood across the room and started jumping up and down while taking the …

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    Radio Show Listen Along Two


    Tonight I listened to the radio shows NOIR At Night and Silk Road. Silk Road was my favorite of the two so I will talk about that one. It was a really good show, listening to it was suspenseful and had some comedy in it that made it entertaining. They …

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    Mail Art


    For todays daily create we had to make art out of mail we had laying around. I decided to make an origami flower out of newspaper. Each pedal is actually and individual piece of paper. To make this I had to cut out 10 different squares of newspaper and then …

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    Radio Show Final Reflection


    Listening to our show live was different then listing to it while we made it. I could see how it all flowed together and what sounded good and bad. Getting feedback from people on twitter was my favorite part. People seemed to like it for the most part and it …

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    Week 9: End of Radio, Beginning of Video


    March 16-22

    This week we finish up listening to everyone’s radio shows and turn our attention to the next media genre will be exploring: video. We’ll be watching some more films and creating a close reading video essay for one of them. In addition, you’ll be starting to explore the

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    Week Eight Summary


    This week was all about our radio shows and developing our characters. First I listened to the radio show Noir D&D, for their show they were playing the game D&D and narrating what was happening as they went along. Even though I didn’t know anything about what the game was, …

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