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    Who is S. Gupta? Exploring Digital Identity

    I. Avoiding Disaster

    Defining digital identity is a difficult task. So instead of doing that, I’ll start off with two examples of digital identity gone horribly wrong, which I cannot discuss for reasons that will soon become obvious. Click the links or Google (except maybe not in an official setting …

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    Trying to Identify Myself Online: Digital Identity


    Curse me for having such a common name, because I was not included in any of the first few pages of results for my name when I followed the instructions for this assignment:

    Google yourself. Try it logged into Google, then logged out and in incognito/private mode. Also try …

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    I Give Up: A Journey to Not Caring About Copyright


    Post a link to the page(s) on your site containing Creative Commons or public domain material in the #activities channel on Slack, with a brief note about how/why you attributed them the way you did.

    Public Domain

    #1 Composition in red, yellow, blue and black. 1926. oil on canvas.

    I …

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    If you read only one thing on my blog…


    If you see this message, I’m waiting for my blog post to be written by collective intelligence.

    Just kidding of course; that’s not something collective intelligence can accomplish. Which is why everyone needs to learn to express themselves in the long, sometimes tedious format of an essay, perhaps now more …

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    Advertiser profiles: by the Numbers


    A lot of people seemed to gain insight from the advertiser profiles activity last week.

    I had already seen how Facebook profiles my interests while poking around my account settings one day, but it didn’t startle me because I associate Facebook with a distinct lack of privacy. I go there …

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