1. Shayla11514

    Zine Critiquing

    Today in class i critiqued a couple Zine projects from BMCC’s digital class. The favorite one that caught my eye was this one. I caught a sense of connectivity with this specific piece of art work. This Zine made me think about all the connectivity involved in reality today. I…
  2. Shayla11514

    Looking Into My Eye


    I can’t believe this semester is about to come to a complete end. All the work and studying will pay off. From becoming a transfer to a York member my whole view of things changed. I’ve met more mature and successful people who want to further in life more. Many …

  3. Shayla11514

    Making Zines


    Oh my god! Making a Zine was so complicated, it had me so puzzled as to what I needed to do. I was thinking about this project all week and tried to figure out what i really wanted to do. 

    With my Zine I created it with Photoshop and used …

  4. Shayla11514

    Are Memes Art ?


    Memes is art! Expressing yourself using emotion and text, better yet animated graphics.  By creating a meme your creating your own little piece of art, that means something to you.  Memes has been around since the oldest social site I know (my space) lol.

    Memes make people react without actually …

  5. Shayla11514

    A Day In The LIfe Of A PPG


    Who are the PP Girls you see here? Well these are the almighty Power Puff Girls of New York City. They’ve come to abolish all crime known to man. From high to low they don’t care where the evil villains go.

    See you have Power Puff Blossom, the head of …

  6. Shayla11514

    GIFS Of My Life


    At first I pretty much thought that making GIFS was so hard, because i could not get the hang of taking URL’s and converting it into other forms of pictures and videos . So this GIF I created speaks to me and how I felt trying to create my very …

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