1. shenders

    Can Anything Harm Us


    This week was another easy week. I, again, quite enjoyed it. Our team finished up the case on the missing NoirCat. It was a pretty high class case. NoirCat is very well known in the noir106 community. Everyday with him gone was hard. Hopefully, our audio logs (audio primary media) …

  2. shenders

    She Was A Lovely Lady


    This week was very easy. The Tune Squad got together and decided on what we were going to do with this new case we got. It went down very easily. Almost too easily. We posted many different things on our website. I myself posted about the new case and an …

  3. shenders

    A New Update


    Unfortunately, none of the members of the Tune Squad have found anymore evidence hinting to the disappearance of NoirCat. We’ve searched high and low. We’ve even crawled across the ground trying to get a cats-eye-view of everything. We’ve gotten desperate. But never fear, the Tune Squad is here and we …

  4. shenders

    A New Mission Awaits


    We got our first case. The NoirCat is missing! You can read about the case update on our website. I’ll try to keep posting to this blog as well. Wish us luck everyone!


  5. shenders

    If Only We Wish Hard Enough…


    So week 11 is done. It was a wicked easy week, and I absolutely loved it. I wish every week could be like this, but you know… duty calls.

    What did I learn?

    I finally learned how to remember to do my daily creates (1,2). I …

  6. shenders

    Introducing The Agency!


    So the website is up and running! Everything you need to know about the agency is right there.

    Let me tell you, it was a process trying to get this thing together. Having Longs for help actually isn’t much help at all. He kept trying to add pictures of chicken …

  7. shenders

    Houston, We Have A Problem


    Audio Assignment:

    Who Called? 4?

    Detective Longs got into a little trouble the other day. He decided that a cat needed to be saved from a tree. As soon as he climbed up the tree guess what happened. Yep. The cat hissed at Longs and gracefully made his way down …

  8. shenders

    Noddy was pretty Naughty


    The other day my husband threw his childhood toy, Noddy, away. I found him in the trash.

    He looked so sad. So I took him out and went on an adventure. We had a fun time going around the he Boston area, but in the end we ended up at …

  9. shenders

    Happy Birthday, Agent Black!


    So today was black’s Birthday. I decided to wish her a happy birthday with this amazing card. It was super easy to make and didn’t cost me a dime… Not that I wouldn’t waste money, I MEAN SPEND, SPEND money on Agent Black. It’s just that homemade cards are so …

  10. shenders

    Who And What Art Thou


    Week 10 wrap up! Well we made it into the double digits into the weeks.

    What did I learn?

    I learned a lot about how to become my character. It was really fun typing out everything in her voice. Especially the video wrap up.

    What was harder than you …

  11. shenders

    Tune Squad Episode 2


    So this is our first video of the Tune Squad.

    Monday was our filming day. Geoffrey was kind enough to grab a very high def camera to film our video. He set up the cameras at all the shots. We walked around campus looking for good places to set up …

  12. shenders

    Interviews Are The Worst


    Well, apparently interviews are a mandatory thing. I wasn’t too excited about revealing my personal life to people I hardly know. But what can I do. Anyways, they gave me a copy of the interview.

    There were some pretty intense questions. A lot I had a hard time coming up …

  13. shenders

    Tune Squad’s New Agency


    Well, it’s official. The Tune Squad is going to become and “official” agency. Of course, because of a certain detective whose name is not Cunningham (*cough* Longs *cough*) I’m not sure how much work is going to actually get done. He’s kind of an idiot.

    However, the Tune Squad always …

  14. shenders

    Talking To A Stranger


    The other day I was walking through the park with my dogs. I saw this old man sitting on one of the benches looking lonely. I decided to get my dogs a break and sat down next to him. We started talking and I asked him why he was in …

  15. shenders

    Why So Serious?


    Today was rather boring. It consisted of looking over evidence to see if I could find anything useful in order for Brian and his partner to find the murder. Most criminals are incredibly dumb and somehow leave their DNA behind. This one is proving to be difficult, but I will …

  16. shenders

    Breakfast Face!


    Today I had a Bagel for breakfast. It was quick and simple. I woke up from a phone call from the chief. Another day, another body. When Brian finally walked into the kitchen I told him we didn’t have enough time to eat a decent breakfast. He grabbed a breakfast …

  17. shenders

    No One Ever Gets Over The First Unfairness


    This week is over and it seems like it’s been a long one, even though we didn’t have to do much at all.

    What did I learn?

    I learned a lot about how to read a movie. Honestly I didn’t think that most of the rules that photographers used filmmakers …

  18. shenders

    The Adventure Continues


    So me and the Tune Squad decided to work together on our video project as well. I think that it was a great idea to work together again because our radio show came our really good, and my team has some pretty awesome people in it. Not to brag or …

  19. shenders

    Video Essay Time!


    So this week I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious. I thought it was a pretty good movie. I really liked the characters. It was really different trying to watch a movie and simultaneously trying to ‘read’ a movie. It was definitely an interesting experience.

    For the 3 videos we were supposed …

  20. shenders

    Radio Show Finale


    Unfortunately the night that our radio show was on I had to meet with a group for another class. I was really bummed I couldn’t listen to it. I think we did a really awesome job with our show. I’m not sure if any of my other group members got …

  21. shenders

    If I Could Write A Letter To Me…


    For today’s daily create we had to do a video letter to ourselves in the future. I liked this assignment because I think everyone should write a letter to themselves every once in a while. It lets us stay who we are, and it serves to remind us that everything …

  22. shenders

    Graveyard Smash


    For today’s daily create we had to take a picture of something while blurring it. I decided to use a picture that I took while me and my family were on our cruise this past summer. We were riding on a bus to go zip lining and we passed by …

  23. shenders

    Would You Like An Adventure Now?


    So this is the end of week eight. It’s been a crazy week getting back from spring break, but it’s been fun. A lot of assignments calls for a crazy time, but it was fun doing most of them.

    What did I learn?

    I learned a lot about my character …

  24. shenders

    Ugh, As If


    For my third inspiration I looked at Kelsey Roach’s post about her character’s diary entry.

    I really loved her entry. It was so depressing and angst filled. Just like a teenager’s diary should be.

    What made me listen to this post was the picture of Molly Ringwald. I’m not …

  25. shenders

    Clue and Foxes


    For my second inspiration I found Amy Fanghella’s post about her designs for her radio show.

    The first thing that caught my eye was her Clue designs.

    My favorite movie in the whole wide world is Clue. I can literally watch it all day everyday and never get bored. …

  26. shenders

    How To…


    For today’s daily create we had to create a lesson. I chose to to How To Draw A Dog Face because it was something that was simple and quick. And I love animals, specifically dogs, so I have always drawn this figure. When I’m bored in class or just trying …

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