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    Ceto’s Soundtrack


    So, this was time consuming. The last few assignments that featured Ceto relied heavily on my intro scene. This one forced me to zoom out and picture her story as a whole.

    Ceto is a primordial sea goddess who is banished to Earth and forced to inhabit a physical form. …

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    Audio Storytelling or Mind Control?


    Audio effects are one of the most under-appreciated elements in film because it’s often used to support the visuals. Sound alone changes the tone of any setting and circumstance. When it comes to this topic, I can’t help but immediately think of jump scares in horror films; soft, low music …

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    Week Four: Photo Bomb


    This was a great week. I managed my time well and generally just felt more comfortable approaching the visual assignments. I compared my experience with photography to the readings and realized that, while I incorporate a lot of elements in my photos, there are plenty of things I should work …

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    I Don’t Usually Take Pictures of My Dirty Dishes


    I really liked this week’s daily creates. The first prompt was to be shady or shadowy, the second was to take a photo of something and make it heart-breakingly beautiful, and the third was to depict confusion.

    I used my phone camera for all of the pictures and made no …

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    As Old as an Elephant

    Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feel. Make a photo that emphasizes one color much more than any others in the shot Take a photo of a food being served or eaten in an unconventional way. A photograph of something old or aged today. Make…
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    Ceto Swims


    I was excited when I saw that we’d incorporate our recently-created characters in a visual assignment. I really loved the setting of Ceto’s entrance and decided to recreate it by adjusting the colors of an image that already existed. I figured the best way to approach this was through the …

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    I, Photog


    While I am interested in photography, I have a lot to learn. I started experimenting with photos when I was fourteen. As I discovered how to use cosmetics, I’d document different looks using the family camera. My frequent practice with self-portraits led me to notice that the pictures I liked …

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    Moon Dumpster Power!


    Sailor Moon: My favorite superheroine. Ever.

    This series led to my first experiences with online storytelling and community; at age eleven, I discovered the world of fan fiction, I began sketching manga, and even experimented with creating my own anime music videos. Sailor Moon inspired me to test the limits …

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    Week Three: Words Emerge


    Man, this week was tough. There is nothing I hate more than the intimidation I feel while staring at a blank page.

    I’ll start with TDC. This week’s daily creates featured a haiku, animorphing, and International Dot Day.

    Because I hadn’t really incorporated the superhero concept into my work for …

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    Explaining Ceto


    There were a few different factors that went into this character. First, I used online phrase generators to look for words that inspired me. From the phrases that came up, plus the references to mythology in Ink-stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors, I was able to hone in on water, mythical …

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    Using My Surroundings


    These were fun. The first daily create prompt was to write a poem, the second was to come up with a superpower, and the third was to incorporate dots for a holiday I never knew existed.

    I used my phone camera to take all of the pictures. With Photoshop, I …

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    Trustworthy Forehead


    I heard the scream and knew immediately what was happening. Mrs. Tulu lives in a ground-level apartment on the side closest to the alleyway. Although we technically reside in the showiest side of town, our building lies on the border of the west end of Hemlock County, where police are …

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    It is dusk. Under purple skies, the breeze is gentle and swift, and a small silhouette soars through the air. Dark, sapphire waters ripple continuously; rhythmically. It is a vast and ambient abyss. One could gaze for an eternity.

    Silence lies beneath the waves. Tranquil, like above, but different; …

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    Super Shapes


    In the Shapes of Stories video, Kurt Vonnegut explains the theory that a “shape” of a story can be reduced to a graph. He draws a graph with good fortune and ill fortune serving as the vertical axis, and the story’s timeline as the horizontal axis. Every narrative starts at …

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    Finding My Cape


    I’ll admit that I had a very narrow-minded opinion about superheroes. The First Ever Superman Cartoon had a lot of qualities I’d associated with the genre since I was young. Because of this story, and other popular tales like Spiderman and X-Men,  I considered their traits to be nothing but …

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    Working on the Railroad


    Fun fact: I’m full of ideas, I just lack the motivation to make them real.

    If you’ve read my other posts, you’ve probably gathered that while I enjoy being creative, I never push myself to do anything about it unless I’m in school. I’ve been riding the train to and …

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    Did I Make You Uncomfortable?


    It’s difficult to create something you feel proud of in only 5-10 minutes. I think my dark sense of humor came out due to the pressure. While I intended these images to scream, “please don’t take me seriously”, I think I ended up giving more of an “I have a …

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    Mixin’ It Up


    Throughout the years, I’ve noticed I have a pretty easy time staying engaged in the creative process when it comes to visual art. I think this contributes to my interest in experimenting with digital tools so much. Naturally, my first choice from the assignment bank was a visual assignment.

    I …

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    Week One: A Mess, But Success.


    Last Friday, I read the syllabus and thought that since I’d already had many things set up, this week would be a piece of cake. But getting all of my accounts prepared for the semester ended up requiring more time and effort than I’d anticipated.

    I’ve created many social media …

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    Finishing Up


    After three weeks of working on the RIDE magazine editorial calendar, I am finally finished. It was pretty tedious, but definitely satisfying to move all of the issues into one place. All article titles, courtesy reminders, and featured staff are listed in the spreadsheet, and each cover image links to …

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    Marketing Dept Project


    About one or two weeks ago, I began working on one of my biggest projects at VRE: organizing past issues of RIDE magazine. RIDE is VRE’s print magazine that provides service and community information, as well as other transportation matters. Although the magazine-style issues are recent (from 2012 to present), …

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    In the Comm Room


    My workstation was moved to the Comm Room about two weeks ago. This room is where VRE maintains communication with train conductors, station managers, and where trains and security camera footage are monitored. Since I’m an Operations & Communications intern, the decision to move my station to this room was …

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    Passenger Support


    One of the biggest ways I could gain experience with talking to passengers was at the front desk, because it was one of the only areas with an available phone. In order to use a phone at the office, your laptop must be docked in a designated station. Recently, the …

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    Public Hearings and Delays


    VRE is planning to increase its fares July 2017. Before this happens, they must hold a series of public hearings to give riders the opportunity to voice any comments or concerns that they may have. A few weeks ago, one of my supervisors gave me a list of venues rented …

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    Fare Evasion and Waivers


    Passengers riding the train are not only responsible for purchasing a ticket, they must validate the ticket prior to boarding. Failure to do this can result in the conductor issuing a court summons and a large fine. The passengers can either request a waiver from VRE headquarters or attend court …

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    Finalizing Schedule and Data Entry


    Since there had been issues with verifying schedule times with one of the railway companies that VRE collaborates with, a set date hadn’t been finalized for the schedule update when I drafted the posts. VRE recently received confirmation and established a date, so the messages are now published. In addition …

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