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    The Whispering Sea But You’re In Another Room…


    … and It’s Raining Outside and Your Siblings Are Playing In It and Your Parents Are Making Dinner and You’re Playing Video Games. That’s the title. (Cover art by Matt Rockefeller!) Inspiration taken from the following (anyone else have a Minecraft phase?):

    For this assignment, I decided to kind of …

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    Radio Blah Blah


    (Title a reference to a song… can you guess it? Enjoy a selfie of me in the Vocal Booth!)

    Greetings! This is Sterling, and I am back with some more content. This week is audio-focused. We were tasked to create a ‘radio bumper’ between 15-30 seconds to go onto the …

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    Look at this “Photoblitz”


    Hello, and welcome to my Photoblitz, started at 4:20-21 PM! The images are Imgur-embedded and contain their information in captions –

    View post on imgur.com

    Get close! Photograph an ordinary object from as close as you can manage. Texture adds a dimensional quality to photos, and changes with scale. “Music …

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    Update:?Week 3?+ Analysis


    Again, I recommend more 80s Japanese music to listen to as you read: this one in particular struck a chord of tender nostalgia. I’ve listened to something similar as a kid, but every time I hum the tune I remember to my mom, she cannot place the song. It’ll take …

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    The Apex of Megalomania, the Ultimate In-Control


    As I mentioned in my last week’s summary, I was hoping to watch They Live (1988) on my roommate’s Hulu. Unfortunately, that requires another subscription to something called Starz – which, as you can infer, my roommate doesn’t have. So I’m left again to rely on summaries and my memories …

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    Today, in 1999


    Enjoy a picture of my family and I from early 2000! Guess which baby I am.

    I was really bummed that I missed the Daily Create where one uses the words that were added to the dictionary in their birth year. Therefore, I was very excited to find that it …

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    I’m a real boy.


    One of my shticks from my Intro to Digital Studies course last semester was that I made quite a few pieces of interactive fiction. They were told in the second-person perspective using “you” to refer to the main character, who is intended to be an insertion of the reader. I …

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    Update:?Week 2?


    Enjoy a picture of my cat that I used for my Daily Create! Here is some mood music. To enjoy while you read:

    This week was very hard. (Who on Earth let a sophomore like me sign up for a senior-level course?) I vastly underestimated the amount of time I …

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    Update:?Week 1?


    Week 1 was, as one can expect by the time I have posted this, harder than expected. It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone to record my voice and my face, though it was a change I was willing to make – as well as creating public accounts. …

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    Memory of the Future


    Title inspired by a more modern song by 80s legends Pet Shop Boys.

    The 80s is a true cultural phenomenon that shines its neon lights forty years into the future. Science fiction, such as my blog’s current theme – John Carpenter’s film They Live (1988) thrived. This decade was about …

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    Take On Me


    Greetings! My name is Sterling, and I’m a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington. Please watch this space for Digital Storytelling updates and some 80s goodness.…

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