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    Let’s Build A Park;


    Leslie Knope is a bold Pawnee citizen. Her dedication to the town is admirable and, sometimes, downright scary. A plan has come to her mind, and once she has a plan there is no stopping her until it is done. “A new park to bring unity to the community,” she …

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    Media for the final;


    Here is a summary of the media I did for my final assignment. Most of these editors I have used many times and have described in prior assignments, so I will only give a brief overview of what I did for the media. Please see examples cited for a description …

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    If you’re looking for how to speed up a video just enough, look no further! I am the expert at chipmunk style. It’s simple and quick, and quite funny when it’s done right!
    To show you how, I will use a video I used for my own assignment. I used …

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    Weeks 13-14;


    These two weeks were interesting to say the least. I figured I’d go ahead and get this done because one, I have a crap-ton of other work to do and two, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So let’s dive in.

    Mashup’s are pretty hilarious. I have watched a fair share, most recently …

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    Baymax and Joy;


    Disney makes some amazing movies. Their most recent ones, Big Hero 6 and Inside Out, have stolen my heart. The psychology major in me appreciates Inside Out’s story line, and the child in me loves Baymax from Big Hero 6. What better combination than these two for the Movie Mashup

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    Weeks 11 & 12;


    Really thankful we had two weeks for this.


    Okay. So, for the required assignment, I did the split-screen singing. I love the song, I love singing, I figured why not go for it. The hardest part was getting the videos together really (see the post for details).

    For …

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