1. @skyhiser

    Final project: Merrell’s Bottom Dollar.


    So, the basis of my story is an interactive adventure that I created using inklewriter. The story itself quickly became incredibly complex. Just how complex, I will demonstrate in a moment when I discuss the creation of each section.  For additional media types, I used some elements of design, some …

  2. @skyhiser

    The Deal: Final Project Progress


    So, the underlying plan for my final project, the basis for the story, is the inklewriter choose your own adventure type story.  This week, I began to compose the story, but found that keeping all the threads and possible outcomes in my head, and even deciding them one at a …

  3. @skyhiser

    Week 13: Not your grandpa’s internet anymore.


    Every time that I am inclined to do so, I am amazed, or maybe appalled, at what the internet has become. Instead, in this case, of coming across tumblr or 4chan, there was a few pleasant surprises. I did not complete all the assignments that I found interesting, but I …

  4. @skyhiser

    Google Trains Late. Lost.


    This assignment is to, using google translate, find something that does not translate well across languages and give some thought to it. Given the western theme of the class, I thought I might take it just a step further, and since many western saying are idioms, mix them up and …

  5. @skyhiser

    Updating Merrill’s Ride


    For this assignment, I decided to base the story on Merrill Shale having sold his wagon and upgraded after he started raking in poker winnings. I originally tried with both Autotrader and Ebay motors, but the code was seemingly too sophisticated for X-ray googles, so I went to craigslist …

  6. @skyhiser

    Week 12: Mashed up


    So, this week, I started with a 4.5 star assignment that was like one I enjoyed doing last week, but with a little more nuance.  This one fit better together as a complete piece since I already had a story I was trying to tell, and I even fit somewhat …

  7. @skyhiser

    British lord of the ringtones.


    Maybe they grabbed the wrong costumes?  For the photo for this assignment, I put a couple of odd balls in a scene where they do not belong. They look like naturals though, I don’t even think they noticed.  The assignment was to put something in a movie scene that …

  8. @skyhiser

    Done with poker, dog garn it.


    I was searching through the assignment bank looking for ways to incorporate my character, Merrill Shale. When I found this one, I considered how I might make a video of an animal talking go along with an old Western gambler, and the answer came straight to me… If you …

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