1. slin

    Final Post


    I can honestly say that this was one of the most enjoyable courses I’ve taken, second only to my creative writing class; I was able to express myself in a similar way through writing my blog posts and, unexpectedly, with the help of gifs and memes.

    The last thing I …

  2. slin



    Mornin’, hope everyone haven’t lost their minds in quarantine yet. It’s a bit simple but I managed to customize my site a little so if you have time (I know you do), feel free to browse through it. There’s not much going on as of right now, though, I’ll be …

  3. slin

    Assignment #7 – Virus


    When I had first read the announcement for the distance learning transition, I was pretty ecstatic thinking about all the bus fares I could save on- and of course, being able to sleep in and not have to deal with any socialization. My friends have been complaining about the hassle …

  4. slin

    Assignment #6 – Copyright


    The piece that I chose to focus on was the Everything is a Remix series by Kirby Ferguson regarding remix culture. In his TED talk, Ferguson states that “copy, transform, combine” are the basic elements of all creativity and by that, he is saying all works created are based on …

  5. slin

    Assignment #5 – Pano


    As the photographer of our group, it was interesting to see how the surrounding settings affected the photos. Our first location was the music practice room where we struggled a bit with the strange layout of the room. It took a few tries before we managed to figure things out …

  6. slin

    Assignment #3 – Memes


    “Are memes ART?”

    Art, by definition, is anything that evokes emotion through an expression of skill or imagination that may take form in a visual, audible or performed artifact. Essentially, anything may be termed as art with conceptual art coming into play.

    As such, memes shouldn’t lose to a duct …

  7. slin

    Assignment #2 – Reactions


    Admittedly, I walked into the room on the first day with the idea that this would be another tiring class I’d have to pull through somehow.

    I expected to be given another 5 paged syllabus but was given a long winded speech about angles and coincidences instead..

    I wasn’t sure …

  8. slin

    Assignment #1 – Hamham


    The first few weeks of a semester is always hectic with all the class swapping and I often find myself scrambling around to find the right room. Although it’s been a tiring week, this channel that I discovered by chance has made waking up each day more tolerable.

    This pet …

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